Daedalus AppData Folder - Seed Recovery


I had made a Daedalus wallet back in 2017 and didn’t really use it much except to update the desktop app or stake.
I would like to withdraw these assets now and I have come to an embarrassing end. I thought I had set this up with my ledger nano but apparently I didn’t. I have no idea what the 15 word phrase is and I forgot the password. Well I could find the password, I could give it a couple hours one day and copy paste all the passwords I’ve used since then so hopefully I figure it out. I’m just wondering if I had a “usual” password I would use in 2017 with 10 characters in it because that might’ve caused me to put something completely random especially if I thought I was using my ledger device the whole time…

I would appreciate the help with these two questions please:

  1. my AppData Daedalus folder (roaming) does have a “wallets” folder BUT I don’t see the .secret file or Secrets-1.0 folder I’ve found while researching about this topic. In the wallets folder, I see a couple files named “she.495…SQLite-shm” and “she.495…SQLiTe-wal”. Could these in fact be my “secret key” files?
    Is this maybe because I did in fact store it on my ledger and that’s the reason it’s not showing up?

  2. Any work arounds if I do have to crack my spending password?? I know the character amount because I have a screenshot of it it’s just asterisked out but if there’s a work around for: not knowing 15 word key and not knowing the spending password BUT only have the AppData folder, I’m all ears :slight_smile:

Now, I am medium “tech-savy” so I already tried ledger troubleshoots with restoring from original 24 word key and connecting to a new Daedalus app and trying to re-sync.
This all came up because I was restoring my computer and I have a full HDD backup with like every Windows files, AppData etc…

Thanks my fellow Cardanians lol


Daedalus byron wallet has only 12 seed words if I remember well and yoroi has 15 seed words only

Can u connect ur ledger on adalite.io to check if u have any founds available?


If i rememeber correctly, Daedalus didnt have any Ledger support in 2017.

Id recommand you to contact the IOG support here : https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us



So nobody is aware of the wallet file being named “she.####b.sqlite-wal” in the secrets folder and not .secret?
I haven’t done anything extraordinary for me to have this issue randomly.