Lost Seed and can't access my wallet although i know the password and address

I thought that it was my fault but it’s Cardano’s fault to be fair. I installed the new Daedalus as i was asked to and it overwrited the secret.key file! Now I have my original files and wallet from 2018 but the appdata/roaming folder is a new one from the last installation. So now I can’t access my funds. I know my wallet address and I have the password for the secret.key file but it’s gone! What can I do?

But, u can’t find the secret.key file for the byron wallet anymore? Check perhaps it was moved to another folder

Is it stored anywhere else? I only find it in suggested folder appdata/roaming/secrets and I find a 203kb secret.key file which is new and empty

Can I send a message directly to Cardano or Daedalus?

Yes u can, open an case to IOHK and ask them

Thank you!

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I don’t know anyone, who has recovered their wallet without a seed .

It can be recovered (the byron wallet) with secret.key file using import option

Can I ask 1 last question? I see that adalite.io asks for a .json key file. Maybe in 2018 the file was a .json and not the secret.key file? Do you have any idea?

Thank you very much for all your time and effort.

secret.key must be