Help finding key json file in old Daedalus wallet folders

Hello I had a decent amount of ADA stored in Daedalus wallet around 2019 and am trying to restore my wallet with adalite. I see that there’s supposed to be a json key file to recover but I can’t find where its at. I’m on Mac and checked in the Daedalus application support folder. There are some wallet folders there but I don’t see a key json file. Any help?

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First, u don’t have the 12 seed words to restore your byron wallet?
2nd … u can restore the wallet with import option if u have the secret.key file but u still need the spending password

I wrote them down but I misplaced them during a move. Luckily I still have the password and found my secret.key file. Importing now and syncing. THANK YOU you guys are rockstars :slight_smile:


Don’t forget to move them to shelley wallet and start delegating for rewards

And bkp the 24 seed words this time