I have a backup of my Daedalus wallet and files but I have lost my recovery key

Hi all,

New to the forum here and I have a question I can see has obviously been asked before… So I beg your patience…

Is there anything I can do to restore my Daedalus Wallet with ADA in onto my Mac/laptop without my recovery key?

My situ is:

I backed up my Macbook in 2018 which automatically copied the Daedalus wallet app data over along with the… and I’ve gotta look this up… The Application Support Files that include the folders… Secrets-1.0 & Wallet-1.0 (I’ve seen these important folders mentioned in other replies to this type of question)

I have migrated the above file and folders into a new folder on my desktop. The migrated Daedalus wallet (from April 2018) does not load up when I click on it now… Is there anything I can do? I do not have my recovery key which was a screenshot on an old mobile that I can not find (A LOT of water has passed under the bridge, but I will obviously keep looking for it)

Thank you very much for any constructive advice you may be able to give!

Hey @QiBod

You might want to reach out the support from IOHK directly via : IOHK Support


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Thank you, Fabian.

I contacted IOHK Support and they informed me that “Currently, the wallet Import feature is disabled so you will need to wait for this feature.” and they kindly pointed me towards this link… Wallet import feature is currently disabled

So, I will await the update - that is good enough for me, and if I find my recovery-phrases in the mean-time, even better.

I’m not just saying it, especially as a newbie (at least in the woeful amount of crypto-knowledge I have), but I was really pleased with their helpful reply, especially at this time of year AND with covid. Thank you so much!!

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Thanks for the update and glad you are still able to restore it soon :slight_smile:

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@QiBod Same thing happened with me. Unfortunately, Support told me that if you don’t have Daedalus that’s older than Daedalus 0.15.1 (Byron era users), they currently can’t do anything if you’ve lost the key. Basically, any Shelley user who loses their key is out of luck.

This strikes me as incredibly disappointing. For a company with as much technical prowess as IOHK to just throw their hands up and say they can’t do anything as a flood of new users & ADA holders enter the market over the next year, is kind of shocking.

Things happen all the time to seed phrases, and a piece of paper is not apt to remain secure for as long as an account is open if you’re a long term investor. Isn’t this one reason why we’re leaving a fiat & paper based world behind?

Here’s hoping IOHK can help Shelley users, who I imagine will constitute a high majority of their users in the coming months.

I’m in the same position, I have my wallet open with the balance and every file saved in a pendrive also. But I can’t use the secret file anywhere. They should allow to use that file to restore your wallet