Wallet Import from version 0.10.1

Hello everyone, thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer. Like many stories, bought ADA back in the day and stored it on Daedalus wallet version 0.10.1. I’ve now installed the new Daedalus and I keep getting the error message of “No wallets found. Make sure you have selected a valid secret.key file.”

I’ve tried nearly everything and can’t get it to open up. I have my old Cardano wallet name, and password to accompany that file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In order to restore the wallet, you will need:

  • the 12 seed words or
  • the secret.key file

Right… I backed up the entire Daedalus directory from 2018, and directing the new Daedalus wallet to that folder where the secret.key file is located. But for some reason, I keep getting that message. Is it possible the “secret.key” file was never populated with the data?

Also, if anyone knows, what data (and in what format) should be contained in that file? Can it be read by a text editor?


Should be an encrypted text inside

Go to daedalus - import from file and choose secret.file then navigate where your file is… should be named secret.key (no other extension)

Right… I’m doing exactly that, and I keep getting that error message saying “No wallets found.”

Then it means the file/files are not ok

Is there any way to pick apart the source files in Daedalus v 0.10.1 to extract the seed or 12 word recovery phrase? I still have all the original files, as well as the wallet name and my spending password.

Can u share a screenshot with the secret.key file?


File name must be secret.key

When trying to run the import always make sure the secret file is named correctly - the name MUST match: secret.key Any other name will cause the feature to fail.

No wallets found. File size 203 bytes

If you try to import wallets from the secret.key get the error No wallets found. Make sure you have selected a valid 'secret.key' file . Please check the size of your secret.key file. A file size of 203 bytes means that the file is empty and does not contain data of any wallet. In this case the only way for you to restore your wallet is using the recovery phrase.

Version 0.10.1 of the Daedalus Wallet never had a recovery phrase. It was the wallet name, and password. So now what?

I don’t know if this is true, I used daedalus in 2017 (I can’t remember the version) to store my ada for few years… and it had a seed words… a 12 words seed words