Trying to access an old wallet, will updating 2 windows 10 work?

I bought ADA and used the Daedalus wallet way back in the day.
Unfortunately the wallet is version 1.0.3769.0
and my PC is not windows 10 so i cannot update to the latest version of daedalus and its not old enough to use the import “secret.key” method as far as I’m aware (needs to be before v1.0?).

Can i upgrade to windows 10 and maintain the stored data required to access the wallet? or Can i move the files from this PC to another win10 PC?

I moved house years back and have no idea where / what the recovery 12 word password is.


U need to copy all folder for ur old daedalus wallet (copy them on an USB) first. Once u did it u can:

  • install latest daedalus (3.3.0) on a new computer
  • install windows 10 on your old computer

The files should be here:

Daedalus state directory

The state directory is where Daedalus stores a user’s wallets, their settings and preferences, and a copy of the Cardano blockchain. The location of the state directory varies depending on the operating system:




Will give that a go thanks Alex u da man!

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Hi Alex,

I copied the Daedalus folder onto the new machine and placed it in the Roaming folder, booted up 3.3.1 Mainnet and used the import feature. It found a wallet!
When the blockchain was eventually synced the wallet shows 0 ada and 0 transactions.
After a bit of reading seems this is usually due to using an incorrect passphrase (recalling a different wallet) but as i only used the secure key is there some other possible explanation, did i miss a step? potentially the import feature is not 100% yet?

The wallet says “Byron” next to it so I can tell its an older version that’s been detected and i didn’t create a new one by mistake etc.

Hey Im in the same boat here, about to backup the folder and give this a go. Were you able to recover the wallet completely?

What is the issue?