Please help get ADA from old wallet (lost 12 phrase key)

Lost 12 Phrase password, whipped macbook, but backed up my enitre computer, cant find secret key on my external HD or SSD, i feel like i may be looking in the wrong file, i have read many threads, would appreciate if someone could lend a hand.

Thank you

Hi @Dhuter ,

Sorry to hear, I hope you find it.

Since you are referring to the 12 words seed phrase I think you had a cardano Byron wallet. Normally you should write down these words on a piece of paper and not save it digitally.

Did you write it down?
If you saved it, do you remember where on your computer you saved it?

Besides the backup seed phrase that will give you access, you also created a password that works with your wallet software (unless you used a hardware wallet). This password is encrypted and can’t be retrieved.

What wallet software did you use?

Hi ADA4Good,

Thank you for your prompt reply and please bare with me as im not that tech savy when it comes to this stuff. in 2017 i downloaded daedalus version 0.13. I did write down my 12 phrase code but ive lost/misplaced it and dont really think ill ever find it. I think we can agree it was the Byron Wallet from my research.

Regarding the password i saved for the wallet, im the kind of person that uses the same or close to the same password for everything so i am confident i can figure that out. Its just a matter of finding the secret.key( from what i understand) im using the same computer i downloaded the wallet on orginally, i have only every whipped it once and that was 4 months ago. i have your an app called disk drill and have found the old Daedalus wallet (the icon is blue with a white logo) which gave me hope that i was on the write track but like u said im not that tech savvy and i feel like im missing something or overlooking another.

Thanks for your time

Ideally, someone that is very good with macs and familiar with this would just “teamviewer” my screen and try to get to the bottom of this. is this something you can do?? Im basically out of options, right now i am running "disk drill " on my External HD trying to find anything related to Daedalus,secret.key,secret.

Ive followed links online advising user>library>application support>daedalus ( that is my dead end the daedalus folder is not in there (could it be else where?)


is the above completley irrelevant?

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i take it, i am fucked? eh?

Hi @Dhuter .

I think you could try to read this article → Importing wallets – IOHK Support

/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Daedalus

According to the article, if you still have that folder, you can import the secret.key