Trying to access lost wallet, Could you please help?


I’m new to using the Daedalus wallet and trying to access my wallet, Could you please help?

I set up the Daedalus wallet on my mac a couple days ago and sent some ADA there after setting it up. I tried to access my wallet again today, but it seems the the application has completely forgotten that i made a wallet previously. When i open it, my previous wallet does not show up and it only gives me the option to add a new wallet by restoring from a backup or creating a new wallet.

There is also an option to import from a file, but it is greyed out. I saw some forums where people were talking about loading the wallet from a file on my computer (with a .bat extension), but i can’t find a file to open the wallet in any system search or manual search. I see the Daedalus folder with many subfolders, but none of the files in these folders seem to open my wallet or do anything when i click on them (other than just open text files or say that i dont have the right app to open them).

I have my recovery seed so i can restore the wallet, but i thought that i should be able to access the wallet with just the password i set and the wallet (without using the recovery seed every time to restore the wallet). Is this correct or do i need the recovery seed every time?

Why did the Daedalus wallet app forget my wallet? Is this normal or did something go wrong?

And why can’t i find the wallet file? Am i looking in the wrong place or was i supposed to manually save this somewhere after setting up the wallet?

Thanks for your help

I don’t know much, but because nobody else has replied yet (which is a real shame) I’ll share what I do know (or think I know!).

Ignore import from file, it’s irrelevant here. People sometimes say “wallet” when they mean the Daedalus app. The .bat file starts Daedalus. Forget “wallet file”.

No, you don’t need the 12 word phrase every time, but it seems in this case something has gone wrong, so you do need it.

So restore your wallet using the phrase. If by any chance it doesn’t work, probably best to uninstall Daedalus, making sure any and all files and folders are gone, then reinstall app and restore wallet again.

Good luck!

As @RobJF has already pointed out, something has definitely gone wrong with your wallet.

Please back up this folder before you do anything:

~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus/Wallet-1.0

That folder, “Wallet-1.0” holds your wallet info keep it safe.
Backing up that folder is just a precaution, if you did not get your recover pass correct you still have a local copy.

Once you do that trash all the files below the “Daedalus” folder.

~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus

Then reboot your computer and launch Daedalus, it will put back new versions of all those files you just deleted.

Let it sync, will take time and when it asks select restore and put in your 12-word pass phrase.
This will take even longer to recover your wallet as it has to transverse the whole blockchain looking for your wallet.

You should adjust your computers energy saver to not go to sleep until this finishes.

Good job @RobJF

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