My wallet does not open anymore ! :(

Hi guys, I bought last week my first ADA on Bittrex and I send them on my Daedalus wallet. Today I downloaded the last version and when I opened it I have no funds. So I uninstalled it and installed the old version but now I can’t open it. “Connecting to network” is writting on it.
Can anyone help me plz ?

check the FAQ on first :slight_smile:

what os are you using and what version of daedalus? recommendation would be to use the most current version of daedalus, not restore back. as long as you have your seed phrase it will have your balance in it, you haven’t lost your coins (if the coins were already in that address), no matter which wallet version you use.

on mac the connecting to network can be a sign of a couple issues. one is the time clock. the other may be the recent security update for high sierra. in my case, installing the security update and resetting the root pw, per the apple support articles fixed my “connecting to network” issue.

good luck!

I first started with the old one but now I am using the last one but I still can’t open it. Connecting to the network is writting during 1h15. Impossible to see my balance.
And fortunatly I have my seed phrase. I will try again tomorrow

So I run the last version (1.0.3769) and after a while the wallet opened. But my balance is 0 and I don’t understand why. So i checked on cardano explorer and everythin is right. But I can’t see anything on my actual balance.
When I deposit my ADA, it was from bittrex to Daedelus ( version 1.0.3402). After that I downloaded the last version (1.0.3769) and my receive adress is not the same than the older one. Could someone help me please, I’m a bit in stress :frowning:

And by the way I work on windows 10


i cant open here :stuck_out_tongue: but dont worry abt address, the wallet generates a new one for each transaction