Daedalus Network not connecting, then reloading network unprompted

I can not open my Daedalus wallet, it stays connected to the network, it’s been days. 2 computers.
It eventually reloads the entire blockchain. I fear I’ve lost my Ada.
Plus, nobody from Cardano, Daedalus or may support will get back to me.
Please Help!

Hey @Cameron_Sanai

As long as you have your seedphrase you are totaly okay.

You could also just restore your wallet on Yoroi or Adalite.io.

Do you have your seedphrase? If so you could just try to uninstall Daedalus via that guide : Uninstall Daedalus and remove wallet's data. – IOHK Support and then install it again.


My ledger seed phrase?

I never received a Cardano or Daedalus seed phrase.

I have access to my wallet now but realize I don’t have a Daedalus passphrase. Taking so long to get information is freaking me out.

I’m going to send my Ada to an external wallet, removing Daedalus, and then figuring out what to do.

I really can’t wait for days for answers. Not trying to be rude, just needing to be safe.
you could tell me what to do about having no Daedalus passphrase and having no faith in my computer’s connection with your network.
Please let me know ASAP. I cannot wait around while my Ada is in jeopardy.

Please get back to me right away. Please.


Do u have a HW wallet or just a simple wallet?
If u have just a simple wallet and u don’t have any seed words for wallet recovering… u can create a new wallet in Daedalus or yoroi and move ur funds to the new wallet (don’t forget to bkp ur seed words for the new wallet)


  • create a new wallet in daedalus or yoroi
  • bkp ur seed words
  • send 10 ADA to the new wallet
  • delete the NEW wallet
  • restore the new wallet with seed words
  • if u see the 10 ADA then u can move all funds to the new wallet

If u succesfully moved ADA from OLD wallet to the NEW wallet you can delete the old wallet (if u delegated the old wallet do not delete yet; u will still reveive rewards for the next 2 epochs)


If you are using a hardware wallet like a Ledger device, so you didnt get a new seed by using Daedalus because your private keys are stored on your ledger and Daedalus is just like an interface to manage your keys on your Ledger.

However if thats the case, you simply could install Yoroi and connect your Ledger and then you would be able to manage and see your actual funds.



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