Can't Access Deadalus Wallet

I have the Deadalus wallet installed on my computer. When I go to open it now, it does not open, the screen is red, and it says the newer version must be installed with a link to the Deadalus wallet web site. When I follow the link, the website says “We’re working on a new version of Daedalus normal right now. Please check back soon!”
All of my Cardano is stuck in the wallet, any tips on how to access it?

Thank you!


Perhaps the team updating the new daedalus version (3.3.0). Try again latter!

What link are u trying?


Hi there,

Thanks for your reply-
this is the link to the download screen : Daedalus - Downloads

The deadalus version I have is 3.1.0… Shouldn’t it at least be able to open so I can access my coins while the newer version seems to not be available right now (the 3.2.0)?

Is anyone else having this problem?

you can restore the wallet created in Daedalus w/your seed (24 words/phrase) in Yoroi, and get your coins

My recovery phrase for Deadalus is 12 words.
How do I connect to that through Yoroi?

U have a byron wallet which should be migrated to shelley wallet; it can be done:

  • in daedalus by restoring the wallet - add wallet - restore wallert - byron /12 words

  • in yoroi; create a new shelley wallet; copy ur new seed words for ur new yoroi wallet- Click Claim/Transfer Byron wallet - daedalus 12 words

Be carefull what u will downloading, there anlot of scams on the internet… stay safe!


Ah, I found the way to input the 12 words for Daedalus wallet recovery, but it comes up with an error message.
I will try again tomorrow and hope it works then

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I did found a way as well, but Error message also .

Message was" Unable to restore Deadalus wallet.
Error while restoring blockchain addresses."
Should I just try again tomorrow, or may be try something else?
I do not know, what else I could try.

Wait for the new release of daedalus (version 3.3.0) and u will be able to restore ur wallet via importing file… u still need ur spending password to move ur ada to a shelley wallet.

Be carefull and download daedalus only from oficial sources… daedalus never will be available for mobile (there is a scam app on google store “daedalus”)


Hello, try a different browser, this usually shows with certain types of browsers.