Can't access funds on Cardano wallet

Hi support team, I’ve been trying to access my funds for a while now and can’t seem to login to the correct wallet. I wrote down my 12 word passphrase but I kept trying them in different order and it’s not working. I actually was able to restore 3 wallets with 0 balances by swapping the words in a different order.

Initially I transferred the funds from Binance - left it there for like a year and then when I tried to sync the Daedalus wallet again the node crashed. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but then when it starts syncing again it would keep crashing. I hope I still have my wallet file. I’m not positive that I do since i may have accidentally replaced it with a blank one but i’m not sure. But in case I do still have that wallet file (first how do i check that if i still do?) how do i import that over to a different computer where I have successfully synced the Daedalus wallet? The import button is grayed out so how would I access that?

The “node crashed” issue is usually easy to resolve. There are a couple of things that usually go wrong when performing an update, which we can check via the node.json log from %AppData%\Daedalus\Logs\Pub folder.

Regardless, if your original profile from Daedalus installation is intact, we could restore using Wallet-1.0-backup (and Secrets-1.0) folder that would have been automatically created when first attempt of upgrade/install occured.

To do so:

  • Rename existing Wallet-1.0-acid from Daedalus profile folder (eg: %AppData%\Daedalus on Windows)
  • Backup the Secrets-1.0 folder.
  • Copy Wallet-1.0-backup to Wallet-1.0 in the same folder.
  • Start Daedalus, this will present you a restore/migration screen but you should be able to go back to your previous state once the wizard completes.

It might be easier to go through any doubts/queries while following instructions - if any - on telegram, if you’re there. Once resolved, we can posy summary back here.

Alternatively, there is also a specific Daedalus version on IOHK github that comes with an option to import using secret.key file, assuming you have your spending password. The process could take a longer , so we can use it as a backup :slight_smile: