Unable to access my Daedalus Wallet

Hello I have a problem.
I first setup Daedalus on Mac back on 18 August 2021. I don’t recall if this was Shelley or Byron version. I only log in every few months because it is so much RAM on my 8Gb RAM old Mac. Today I finally logged in again and was prompted by “the Delegation Center is not available becuase you do not have any Shelley-compatible wallets”. So I found “Restore a Wallet”. I entered in my 24 word phrase phrase. That worked.

But now on Step 3 of 3 “Restore a Wallet” I am getting “An Error Occurred” each time after I post my Wallet Name and Password. I am not sure if I am using the original name of the wallet. I have the original address I transferred to to from Binance. Can someone from Cardano/Daedalus support help me to access my wallet?
If there is a secure channel, I can send my original address I sent to from Binance. Please let me know (also if a video call is possible to help me)

the wallet name and the spending password are irrelevant when you restore a wallet.

Id recommand you to restore the wallet via a lightwallet like Yoroi or adalite.io as Daedalus is needing more and more RAM over time.

Your wallet was Shelley if you created it in August 2021.
Did your Daedalus finish syncing now? There was a problem recently, some of the wallets in Daedalus were disappearing, but you could not restore them, because they were actually on disk (I assume), and they appeared again after the sync was done. So I would first wait until Daedalus is in sync, before trying anything else.

If Daedalus is in sync and the wallet does not appear, try to restore it again. Use a different name for the Wallet, so that the files on disk are different than for the old wallet.

If this still does not work, try to restore your wallet in another software than Daedalus: Yoroi (browser extension), ccvault.io (browser extension and website versions), typhonwallet.io (browser extension and website versions) or adalite.io (website version). Be sure for the browser extensions to download them from the official sources.