Can't open Daedalus wallet


I am hoping someone can help me . I downloaded the Daedalus wallet years ago and like a fool I have lost my recovery phrase. I have downloaded the new version 3.3.0 and installed in on my mac. However on opening the application it closes immediately preventing me to get to the start screen or syncing blocks. If anybody could help me it would be much appreciated.


Try to restart ur laptop/processes

I have tried restarting the laptop. It will still not open. thanks for your reply

Then could be related with ur OS;
Please open a ticket to iohk support team!

Or u can check Activity Monitor (MAC utility)… search for Cardano-node…perhaps are more instances running …kill all of them (all Cardano processes)… then relaunch wallet and check if it is working

Try this… it might help.

Thanks Alex. There is no node on my Applications. Do you have a link to the iohk support team?