Access Private Keys in old Daedalus Version

Hello, I had a Daedalus wallet that I kept on my hard drive via Daedalus Version 1.0.3769. This must have been from back in 2017. I never wrote down my private key or passphrase and now I am unable to connect to the network on this version, and have no idea how to access my wallet. Any help is much appreciated - offering a 100 ADA reward to anyone that can help me access my funds.

You probably should contact the IOG support here :

Locate the secret.key file (and use it to restore the wallet via importing option); but u will need the spending password in order to move the funds

Would I have had to create a spending password even if I never spent anything?

yes, when u created the wallet you had 12 seed words for wallet restore and a password for spending ADA