Daedalus Flight Import Wallet Question

So today I restored my Daedalus byron wallet from the secret.key file I backup. It went perfectly all Ada and transactions. Then I went to the options and saw that the password was changed when I restored the wallet. But this wallet already had a spending password. How didi it change?

When u restored your wallet, it didn’t asked for a wallet name and a spending password? This is your new spending password, the old one was overwrote

No I lost my spending password. When I restored my wallet it asked for the name of the wallet and I had to check the password icon. Then is restored itself and show that I changed the spending password But I dont even know the spending password

It did NOT change spending password, when you restored using Import Wallet , it imported your spending password as well.

You have opened a lot of threads trying to see if there is a way around you forgetting your spending password, multiple people have said repeatedly that you NEED to remember your spending password or recovery phrase. There is no way around. Please do not create multiple threads as others may not have the complete background of your steps