Got Daedalus Wallet but don't have spending password

Hi there, please help!
Lost passphrase and spending password.

I have managed to recover my Byron Wallet on Daedalus using security.key file recovery but can’t move my money as don’t have spending password.

Is there a solution for this? Can I/do I need to Brute force the password?

Has anyone else experienced this?


U will need the spending password for the byron wallet in order to move the funds to shelley wallet… try to remember, try as many password u can… without the password u will not be able to move the funds;


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Hi Luke,
Same as for any wallets, you will need your Password and 24 words passphrase to recover access. Did you write it down somewhere?
Depending on how much ADA you had in your wallet, it may not be recoverable UNTIL you find your password/passphrase.
It’s recommended to write them down on paper (not online), copy them a few times, keep in a safe place(s).

Good luck!