Forgot spending Password cannot find seed phrase

Is there any way at all to retrieve my spending password. I will gladly pay someone in Ada for helping me. I’m pretty sick to my stomach at the moment. Been accumulating since 2017.

Hello @Cameron_Kerr

To reset your spending password you need to have your seed phrase(s) or 24-27 word recovery…
If you don’t know recovery words/phrase then you can’t recover the wallet and restore your spending password.

Your spending password is used to encrypt your wallets secret key on your drive. So the spending password doesn’t actually exist anywhere on your computer. It is just a part of the formula used to encrypt/ decrypt your secret key so you can move the funds. So there is nothing to find/ retrieve regardless of how much ADA you offer.

If you can’t remember spending password at all, then your best course of action is to try and find the seed phrase, verify seed phrase , then restore your wallet. Remember to verify seed phrase before you restore your wallet, because if you get the seed phrase wrong and you erase the wallet then your ADA is gone for ever!

Good luck! :+1:

What is going one?
Understood u forgot the spending password for your daedalus wallet?
It is a shelley or byron wallet?
It is a simple wallet or it is trezor/ledger wallet?

It is a Shelley wallet

If you forgot your spending password but still having your seed phrase, then delete/Remove your wallet and restore it again. Once you do that, it will ask you to enter a new spending password.

Then you will be good to go :slight_smile:

Do u have the 24 seed words?

I wrote the seed phrase down on on same paper I wrote the spending password. I cannot find that piece of paper

Hmm, so u have the wallet with ADA but u don’t remember the password… u will need to find that paper or try many passowords u can… should be min 10 characters if I remeber well

Try imputing all of the passwords that you’ve used on other sites you have joined. The good thing is that there are no time locks for incorrect guesses. Good luck!