I forgot my spending password

Hi! Who will help me ?

I forgot my spending password. Would you like give me a little hint? For example, it is made of only digitals without alphabets? or both digitals and alphabets? If there are only digitals then how many?4?6?8?

Thanks a lot!

Hi, If you are unable to remember your password you can reinstall the wallet and restore it from the 12 word seed phrase. This will wipe your password and you will be able to set a new one. If you need help restoring your wallet just search this forum and you will find much helpful info.


Thank you very much! It worked!

That password is whatever you set it to be with the following caveat, at least 7 characters long, at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase letter and 1 number in it.

Hi - same problem. Is there any risk of losing my ADA in my wallet if deleting and then reinstalling the wallet? I do have the seed recorded

No, you are good as long as you have your 12 word seed password :wink:. You have to use the recover function in daedalus.

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Thanks - and will I need to sync the blocks to the wallet again …? pleeeeease say no :frowning:

I’m afraid so my friend :confused:. But on the bright side, you would have gained some experience on how to recover the wallet and I’m sure you won’t be forgetting your spending password again :sweat_smile:

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Just looking at my wallet before I delete it. There doesn’t seem to be a ‘recover’ function … just ‘create new’ and ‘restore’ (from backup) must I create a backup of my wallet first?

I’m unsure if restoring from a backup will save the spending password. I’m thinking it will, if anyone can confirm this, that would be great.

If you want to get on with it, just uninstall, reinstall, use the restore function and let it sync again.

Yeah, but where do I find the ‘restore function’? or will it appear with the newly installed wallet?

I seem to remember you can choose after clicking the restore (from backup) option. Can’t confirm this as I am not in front of a computer right now.

The first person who asked about this said it worked. Why am I so worried … :frowning:

Because you are about to pop your first wallet restore cherry… I can still remember when I lost my wallet restore virginity, we went at it for 6 hours. I felt amazing afterwards and had a smoke.

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OK - I hear ya!!

Can I try loading a new wallet onto a new PC, restore on there with the seed? If I delete my one and only wallet containing my precious ADA and lose it I will surely be in therapy for life

There is no ada in your wallet, its on the blockchain, you can not lose your ADA if you uninstall your wallet. You are merely uninstalling the means to acces your ADA on the blockchain.

Your 12 word seed password is your access code to your ADA stored on the blockchain.

But if it makes you feel safer, you could use protection…

LOL = I do understand that.

In my simple mind, I can’t get how my precious ADA is linked to me other than through my installed wallet window.

Did you see DataDash’s confession? He attempted to update the blocks on his wallet, ran out of space on his system and lost his coins…

I have not seen DataDash’s confession. Can you provide me with a link to this horror story.

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Although he strikes me as a good person and charismatic guy. I find it very convenient he has made this mistake… And there is no way to verify the accuracy of his statements.

Anyway, you have ADA, remember your 12 word, seed password, engrave it in your mind (and a aluminium plate) memorise it, study it, those who engrave it in their minds will be worthy of being their own bank.

Everyone else will subject to bad luck and a lack of due diligence. It amazes me sometimes how people do not want to put in any effort to do this.
Hope your restore goes wel Sir, best of luck to you!