I forgot my spending password

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FYI - Datadash has grown to become a highly rated and respected ‘YouTuber’ on Crypto. His reviews on Cardono were very positive. As an insider at Cardono, you might be interested in third party perceptions.

Possible distractions after that cherry pop

It amaze me more how you spect your block chain to succeed if we are getting fuck with money. It should be simple… if my wallet did not work on my new phone for Wath ever mabe your good or your devil o I fuck it but I does not erase that I spent my welth in this project that I’m trusting this project and I want this to be were I safe my money because I hate banks governments school and religions I hate those because every time I do a mistake I have to los lots of .only for some one else stupidity, laziness etc. Does that ring a bell?
So I repeat I believe in these stuff but I still to not lose my adas that I just spen 1000 € and don’t think it is for to spe t if you think is for that we loose our money well in my case is very bad for the block chain because I have eaven post on my insta supporting cardano and only cardano I can’t imagine the negative impact of people like me going away from cardano for some thing so simple.

So, you hate everything, where there is any authority that could pay a support line that clears up any messes, but still come to a place with lots of other users just like you and demand support in a very rude way? That’s odd.

If you want to fuck the banks and the government and be your own bank then you have to live with the fact that there is no support that can reset passwords, undo transactions, … That’s what you are buying into with any crypto currency.

All Yoroi’s support could do is fix their software if there really would be a non-user error or provide better guidance, but, frankly, the guidance already is screaming: “Remember these 15 words! With them you can always restore your wallet everywhere! Keep them safe, because everyone else could do the same! Here, we are even testing if you know the 15 words!” What more should they do?
(The above is from the setup of a test wallet, obviously.)

And you already got exactly this answer – “Try to restore the wallet with you 15 seed words!” – in one or two of the X old threads you revived.

Thanks and I was very upset because I lost a lot before but yes I hate the old world and will continue to support cardano even if I lose money because I want the old world to vanish

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