Recovering my ada wallet

I never made a back up wallet
Can i restore my wallet with only the Passphrase?
so i can recover my coins?
any feed back would be appreciated

You have your 12 recovery words?

If you do, then you can. If not, then Its lost… If you dont have any files from your original installation.

yes i do have my 12 word recovery phrase but i dont have any files from original install cause i did a clean uninstall because i had “connecting to network problem”
hope my 12 word recovery phrase will work!?!?

It will, it just takes time. If you have a slow CPU and/or internet it can take a lot of time, one person on this forum it took 18 hours for.

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It will, if you wrote it down exactly right.

Please, remember this: the 12 words passphrase IS THE WALLET

It’s not like, “it’s a password from my wallet”, no IT IS the wallet itself.

:bangbang: Apart from these 12 words - there’s nothing in the known universe that could help you restore your wallet if you ever lose them :bangbang:

So always treat those 12 words LIKE IT’S THE MONEY.

And also always remember, that those 12 words is the only thing that you need to recover your wallet from anywhere on the planet, from any computer with an internet connection. Nothing else is required, no files need to be stored.

Hope it helps someone :slight_smile:


Hi Guys - read and understood all the above comments.

Perhaps a little more clarity …? I have my 12 word phrase, and my original installation files. I did not save my ‘spend password’. So I can access my wallet on my PC - see my oodles of tokens, but can’t spend or transfer them … Any suggestions?

You can just delete the wallet from the Daedalus, and then restore it from the 12 words as new wallet and set new spending password.

Or you can even completely uninstall and delete the Daedalus itself. And then install new version, recover your wallet from the 12 words and set new spending password.

The spending password is not a part of a wallet itself! You can create a wallet with a password on one computer, and then recover it without a password on another one. The wallet is just a local thing, so if anyone steals your computer - they cannot spend your coins.

TY - I’m busy loading the wallet on another PC to do as you suggest. The sync is just taking forever for me to test it.

One last Q if I may…?

Can my wallet be active on 2 PC’s at the same time or will I need to delete one?

I see no problem with this. The fact that you:

  1. “See your balance” in your wallet - is just a consequence of the fact that Daedalus has your HD wallet seed (12 words) and know which addresses to look up on the chain.

  2. Can “send your coins to someone” - is just a result of Daedalus being able to construct a transaction, signed by your key (12 words) and throw it into other nodes.

I don’t see how any of those functions would prevent two instances to function simultaneously. Remember, that a “blockchain node” is a passive network participant (unless it’s your slot) - for the 99% of the time it just reads data from other nodes and filters it by your addresses, and for 1% of the time it just throws around signed transactions that (afaik) don’t store the fact, which node exactly produced the transaction, the only fact that matters - is that it’s able to sign it properly.

So multiple Daedalus instances with the same wallet are just separate full-nodes that have copies of the same key - both are able to get your data from chain, and both are able to sign your transactions.


Yes its took about 15 hours for me until my wallet was restored didnt think that was normal but
everthing is all good now THANK you!

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YES everthing is all good now THANK YOU!