Cardano Community Digest - 11 July 2022

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Community Hot Topics

  • SpaceBudz, the first NFT project on Cardano and by far the most successful, is currently in heavy weather. The project is currently facing claims concerning the originality of its NFT artworks. According to multiple sources, their artworks were stolen and slightly manipulated.

    In a recent tweet, the project confirmed that they are conducting a thorough investigation on allegations regarding the art that was commissioned for the SpaceBudz NFTs. According to the team, they are taking the allegations seriously and will soon communicate all the findings and remedies to this situation. If indeed found guilty of plagiary, they could possibly be sued by the original artists. We will continue to follow the developments and will update you when more information is available. Source Tweet

  • One of Cardano Community’s most influential twitterers (@cardano_whale) recently announced that he will move on to create a new profile. The twitterer states in several of his earlier tweets that he never intended for his current account to grow this large, or for him to become an influencer. According to Ada Whale, “Once you reach a certain size (>100k?) you are destined to go full influencer, and I don’t want to be one”. He feels like his account is community property and is offering it up to someone from CF or IOG. Source Tweet

  • John Woods recently announced he would join Algorand Foundation as CTO. According to multiple sources in the community, John was filling in for Duncan Coutts while Duncan was on paternity leave. John’s new position should open up opportunities for a more interoperable future between both projects. Source Tweet

  • Earlier this year, we learned that Wanchain and IOG would be collaborating on enabling interoperability between the Cardano mainnet, Cardano sidechains, and other blockchain networks.

    In a recent post, IOG goes into detail to further explain how Wanchain will make Cardano more interoperable. If you have ever wondered how this partnership will benefit Cardano and how the bridges will work, then here is your chance. Read the full blog post here.

CVC22 Opening Keynote - with Frederik Gregaard.

Frederik Gregaard recently opened the second day of CVC22 with an inspirational keynote on Setting the foundation for the future of blockchain. YouTube

  • CVC22: Economic and environmental sustainability and the blockchain trilemma with Sandro Knoepfel & Frederik Gregaard Youtube

Stake pools chosen for July 2022 CF Delegation

All applications for the new CF delegation round are currently being reviewed. Once completed, we will communicate the pools chosen according to our “New Delegation Methodology.”

Cardano Reddit Top 5 Most Engaged Topics

Below are the most engaging topics on Reddit

  • Every wonder what it means to “stake your ADA”? Well…don’t look any further. Here is a wonderful Reddit post explaining what staking really is. Post
  • Personal Cardano Node and Pool Setup on Raspberry Pi. Post
  • People who are able to use the Vasil Testnet…How is it? Post
  • The rising trend in blocks missing - should we worry? Post
  • Can someone explain, like I’m five years old, what the EVM Sidechain will mean for Cardan?. Post

Cardano Forum Top 10 Top Referred Topics

Topics that have received the most clicks from external sources. (last 10 Days)

Below is an overview of the top 5 Twitter posts with the most impressions

  • What to Expect after Vasil hard fork. Tweet
  • Here is a thread on Governance, Voltaire era & Project Catalyst. Tweet
  • Cardano ProjectCatalyst recently witnessed the use of DIDs (Decentralized IDs) for the first time. Tweet
  • The crypto space slowly realizes that Cardano has a huge and powerful community. Tweet
  • We’re seeing possibly deliberate misinformation from maximalists regarding the Vasil Upgrade. The false claim states that current Cardano smart contracts will not be compatible with the Vasil upgrade. Tweet

Twitter Spaces

  • Upcoming Bullish Dumpling with DefiYield. Space

Media Coverage

  • City A.M. recently interviewed Duncan Coutts, Chief Technical Architect at IOG. In this most interesting interview, Duncan gives us a clear overview of Cardano’s roadmap and the upcoming changes. According to Duncan: “We’ve got a lot of big impacts in the pipeline.” A Must Read!


  • It is very likely that developers building on Cardano might need to query blockchain data. In this post, IOG discusses options, including a way to query Cardano data using Google BigQuery. Post

  • IOG has recently released a very comprehensive blog in which they are Introducing the Cardano EVM sidechain. In this post, IOG discusses what sidechains are and how they contribute to an ecosystem of interoperable solutions. There’s also a deep dive into the unique features that make up the EVM sidechain. Read the full blog here


Recently held Meetups

  • 04 May 2022 Exploring unique opportunities for Cardano and Polkadot ecosystems with Christine Mohan
  • 18 May 2022 Cultivating a Healthy Catalyst Culture with Tomi Astikainen
  • 04 June 2022 The compelling story of Mercy A. Fordwoo from Wada
  • 8 June 2022 Cardano Community @ Consensus
  • 9-12 June 2022 Consensus 2022
  • 16 June 2022 Alexandre Maaza from the Cardano Foundation and the Cardashift team recently provided a presentation Viva Technology in Paris. Viva Technology is one of Europe’s biggest tech and startup events. During the presentation, the teams dived into the challenging subject of: ‘blockchain for real-world use cases that will bring positive global change.’ YouTube source
  • 18 June 2022 The London Cardano Social
  • 19 June 2022 Cardano NFT NYC Kickoff Party Brought to you by Genius Yield!
  • 20 June 2022 Breathtaking story of creating with Advitha Ashok
  • 29 June 2022 Decentralized Finance - DeFi on Cardano and other Layer 1 Blockchains. This MeetUp will be hosted on YouTube. For more information, please visit
  • 29 June 2022 Cardano Blockchain - DC/MD/VA (Now Virtual!).
  • 05 July 2022 Cardano Catalyst Women: How can we adress social & environmental issues thanks to blockchain?

Upcoming Ecosystem (Internal/Public) Events

  • 16 July 2022 RoadToCNFTCon! Buffy Bot x Cardano Houston also How Cardano Staking Works!!!.
  • 16 July 2022 Cardano Seattle Meetup.
  • 20 July 2022 Brisbane Cardano Meetup.
  • 22 July 2022 Cardano South Florida Meetup.
  • 8-9 October 2022 CNFT Con in Las Vegas. More info
  • 14-15 October 2022 Rare Bloom event at the Gaylord Rockies, Colorado. More info

Recently held Ambassador Calls

  • 15 June 2022 Open Content Creator Call
  • 16 June 2022 Monthly Ambassador Call June
  • 29 June 2022 Open Moderator Call
  • 30 June 2022 Ambassador Intro Call
  • 06 July 2022 Open Meetup Organizer Call
  • 06 July 2022 Open Content Creator Call

Upcoming Ambassador Calls

  • 21 July 2022 Ambassador Call July

Spotlight for Community built Tools

The Developer Portal was created to foster a home for developers who are dedicated to building tools and services on Cardano. The platform allows developers, not only to collaborate on projects but also to showcase their works.

The Developer Portal hopes to serve as a credible source where users can search for tools to fit their needs.

Below are several newly added projects:

  • Lido Nation aggregation of existing catalyst proposals, results, feedback, and many more.
  • eUTxO Visual blockchain explorer for Cardano.

Cardano Blockchain insights


The process of optimizing code in order to significantly improve block propagation times by reducing the ‘dead time’ between blocks. Thus improving the Cardano user experience.

Cardano Wiki

How the incentive model works?

Cardano pays staking rewards for service for the protocol. Decentralization and security of the protocol are growing along with the distribution of ADA coins. The higher the value of ADA coins, the more expensive a potential 51% attack will be. Demand for coins increases security. The more distributed ADA coins are among users, the more people will decide the fate of the protocol. The protocol must motivate people to hold coins, so it gives them the opportunity to create passive income.

Decentralized networks are like companies that have revenues and expenses. As we described above, the expenses are related to security and decentralization. Furthermore, there are expenses related to protocol maintenance, innovation, and ecosystem development. Revenues are made up of the monetary reserve, i.e., ADA coins that will be released into circulation in the coming years. In addition, fees are collected for services. Once the reserve is depleted, the protocol will depend solely on the fees collected.

Services must be created around the Cardano protocol that will be widely used. This is the only way to create a working economy that will ensure the long-term sustainability of the key parameters of the protocol. Source

Network insights





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