Cardano Community Digest - 28 June 2022

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Overview of the research enabling smart contract support on Cardano

Recently IO published a blog outlining the papers that helped to establish a functional smart contract platform for the development of decentralized applications. In this blog, we learn about the EUTXO model, Plutus, Marlowe, and more.

Vasil upgrade - the state of play

Here’s an update on the progress towards the Vasil upgrade. We are almost there!


IOG engineering team recently confirmed that they are close to finalizing the core work - with just 7 bugs outstanding before they can complete the hard fork. The Team has also recently tagged, and released Cardano node version 1.35.0 which will be the final candidate for the mainnet Vasil release. Once 75+% of block-producing SPOs on the testnet have upgraded - IO will then submit the testnet update proposal, which will take one complete epoch to take effect. Read the full Article here + Source Tweet

Cardano Foundation joins The Linux Foundation as a Gold Member

By now you might have already heard the big announcement that CF has joined the Linux Foundation as a Gold member to enable mass innovation through open source. This opportunity will help to further anchor our commitment to open-source while also contributing to the positive advancement of blockchain as a world-changing technology. Read here the full announcement.

Weekly development report as of 2022-06-24

Every week IOG releases a high-level summary weekly development report.

In this week’s report, we read about the node, ledger, pipelining, DB Sync, Daedalus, Lace, and much more. View the full report here

The Vasil hard fork will allow for scalability that is required to safely run Djed on Mainnet.

Coti has recently released an update regarding the launch of DJED. In this update, the company confirm that once Vasil Hard fork is finished, along with the audit final results, they can then start to deploy Djed to the mainnet. Read the full update here.

Charles Hoskinson was invited to speak before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee

Charles Hoskinson was invited to speak before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. The event took place on Thursday the 23rd of June 2022. Charles provided Congress with information about the utility of blockchain, and what a responsible regulation of the technology and industry could look like. There were lots of wonderful comments regarding Charles’ presentation and the answers he provided during the Q&A session.
YouTube source: short version only Charles:

YouTube source (Congressional Hearing on Crypto Regulation)

Cardano Reddit Top 6 Most Engaged Topics

Below are the most engaged topics on Reddit

  • Jawad Ashraf, Founder & CEO of Virtua says Cardano has got one of the best communities in Crypto. Source (1:min 07secs)
  • EMURGO’S CTO joins developer AMA panel at IOG’s Developer Workshop & Hackathon for Cardano 2022. See Reddit Thread here
  • Here is an interview with Charles Hoskinson regarding Tribalism In Crypto. Must Watch:
  • Cardano reached 1.200.000 delegators. We are growing! Post
  • Cardano (ADA) is now supported by Ledger Live!!! Post
  • Cardano’s Extended-UTXO explained Post

Cardano Forum Top 4 Hot Topics + views

  • Ambassador Stories, Journal #26: Cassandre Domeneghetti & Issa Ichikawa. Post
  • The Cardano Foundation has joined the Linux Foundation as a Gold member. Post
  • Read here the stories of our newest Ambassadors.
  • How many Zombies are among us? Post

Twitter Spaces

Media Coverage

Dish is launching a decentralized identity and loyalty coin system through Atala PRISM and Cardano.

IOG recently released a blog post confirming that DISH Network Corporation has taken the first step towards the launch of a decentralized identification and loyalty coin system. This first step enables blockchain capabilities in DISH’s infrastructure through Atala PRISM’s identity services and Cardano’s native asset features. Read the full blog here.

  • Here is a recent interview from Bending, with Frederik Gregaard who explains the advantages of blockchain technology in regards to Distribution, Lower Costs & Reconciliation.

“We’re showing companies that they can capture more profit, get more client stickiness, and serve the clients, better, or lower their costs.” -Gregaard Frederick

Read here the full interview.

  • IOG releases a new paper on P2P. Definitely a good read!
  • Cardano Developers Delay Vasil Upgrade, Citing Bugs (Coindesk)
  • Cardano founder steals the show at Congressional hearing on crypto regulation (Cryptoslate)

Upcoming Ecosystem (Internal/Public) Events:

  • 29 June 2022 Decentralized Finance - DeFi on Cardano and other Layer 1 Blockchains. This MeetUp will be hosted on YouTube. For more information, please visit

  • 29 June 2022 Cardano Blockchain - DC/MD/VA (Now Virtual!).

  • 20 July 2022 Brisbane Cardano Meetup.

  • 22 July 2022 Cardano South Florida Meetup.

  • 8-9 October 2022 CNFT Con in Las Vegas . More info.

Recently held Ambassador Calls

  • 4 May 2022 Open Meetup Organiser Call

  • 4 May 2022 Open Content Creator Call

  • 18 May 2022 Open Moderator Call

  • 18 May 2022 Open Translator Call

  • 19 May 2022 Monthly Ambassador Call May

  • 15 June 2022 Open Content Creator Call

  • 29 June 2022 Open Moderator Call

  • 06 July 2022 Open Meetup Organizer Call

  • 16 June 2022 Monthly Ambassador Call June

Upcoming Ambassador Calls:

  • 29 June 2022 Ambassador Intro Call
  • 21 July 2022 Ambassador Call July

Cardano Blockchain insights


[click on the image to view full infographic]

Ouroboros is the proof-of-stake consensus protocol for Cardano. Consensus is a way for a blockchain to agree between all its participants that a transaction is valid. Ouroboros is the first consensus protocol proven to be secure through academic peer review research. Peer review academic research provides a high degree of confidence into the establishing agreement among all participants.

Did you know that there are many flavours of Ouroboros? Here is a very informative infographic providing you with an overview.

Spotlight for Community-built Tools

The Developer Portal was created to foster a home for developers who are dedicated to building tools and services on Cardano. The platform allows developers, not only to collaborate on projects, but also to showcase their works.

The Developer Portal hopes to serve as a credible source where users can search for tools to fit their needs.

Below are several newly added projects:

  • ADAdice a fully on-chain, provably fair game of dice on the Cardano blockchain.
  • Typhon Wallet Light wallet from the creators of It comes with features like NFT gallery, transaction metadata, and vote registration, among other features.
  • powerful yet easy to use NFT & FT Minting and Marketplace on Cardano.
  • Nami was developed by Berry Pool. A browser-based wallet extension to also interact with Cardano from any website.
  • NOWPayments is a payment gateway provider to accept ada payments and ada donations.
  • Cardano Updates follow the development of Cardano in real-time without the hassle of GitHub.

Network insights


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