IOG team has successfully tagged and released Cardano node 1.35.0, the final candidate for the mainnet Vasil release

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Today, we’re pleased to report that the IOG team has successfully tagged and released Cardano node 1.35.0 which we can confirm will be the final candidate for the mainnet Vasil release.

The Vasil upgrade – named in honor of long-standing community member, Vasil St Dabov – brings significant performance and capability upgrades to Cardano. The release of this new node is an important milestone on the road to this upgrade.

We’re code complete on all the core Cardano software. Testing on the new Plutus v2 code (including new CIPs which significantly improve smart contract performance) has been successful, and delivered very positive results in terms of performance and improved cost.

The next step is preparing for Cardano testnet release. We have in the last few minutes alerted our SPO community supporting the testnet that the new node is ready for them to deploy onto the testnet.

We’ll give testnet SPOs the time they need & as soon as more than 75% of block-producing SPOs on the testnet have upgraded – needed for satisfactory chain density for the hard fork – we’ll submit the testnet update proposal, which will take one complete epoch to take effect.

Furthermore, we’ll share more on progress next week, when we’ll bring you another development update from the IOG team. Plus, just some community collaborators #BuildingOnCardano who’ll share their experience & a behind the scenes look as we work together to deliver Vasil.

We couldn’t do this without our brilliant Cardano developer and SPO community. And with such a complex upgrade, we owe it to the community to follow the most rigorous process we can.

As we have communicated previously, our prime concern is ensuring we do so in a way that is safe and secure, and ensure all ecosystem partners are comfortable and ready.

Thanks to all the Cardano community for the continuing support.
IOG Team

Yes and now they have silently removed v. 1.35.0 from Github WITHOUT giving us a reason.

We have updated CHUB as asked. Yet again we see releases that are NOT properly tested BEFORE they are released. That is amateur’s work in my opinion and NOT in line with ALL the great wording from Charles about processes, peer reviews, and mathematical proof of the code.

The worst is the lack of transparency and lack of communication.

IOG/IOHK please pull yourself together and communicate what the hell you are doing!!

On the one hand, I also do not think that this is all as robust and proven as advertised.

On the other hand, they do communicate:

That IOG does not serve all communication channels – forum, Telegram groups, … – but do the communication in their Discord could be considered unfortunate or understandable both with good reasons.

Ok. I see Discord as a service for games not for serious development.

They should communicate on Twitter, github and their homepage.


A lot of projects – especially, but not only in crypto – seem to use Discord as main communication medium, lately. At least, it’s better than Telegram, the alt-right haven. :woman_shrugging:

Twitter and homepage seems more suited for marketing shills.

This leaves Github. Yep, you are right. Information on Github should be the most authoritative and up-to-date and at the moment, that’s not really it.


I wish to strongly disagree with Discord becoming the standard for communication. It is not open source and requires a mobile number to register. This works against the freedom and inclusivity that Cardano stands for.

I agree with the need to post on Github since this is where the code base is. At least also post the notifications on this forum (


I have to disagree with you about Discord. Discord requires you to join a server and posts are NOT index by any search engine so you can’t find information unless you join Discord. It’s not a truly open media for communication about crypto.

Twitter is good for finding information so I strongly suggest that important information like reverting a node version MUST be published on Twitter.

Every major company that is on ANY stock exchange post news that is relevant to the market on their website so I have to disagree with you that homepages are only for marketing stuff. IOHK could easily have a news section to with updates. What you are saying is also not true. Just go on any newsletter webpage. That content is highly dynamic.

Not that it is relevant for the discussion but I agree with you that Telegram is terrible except for peer to peer or smaller group chats.

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I never said that it’s good. It’s just an observation that a lot of projects use Discord as (main) communication channel, now. I personally don’t like it, but I don’t know if it is worth the effort opposing it.

I would not post detail information only relevant for SPOs on the main Twitter account. That would just result in the know-nothings of crypto getting in heated debates if pulling version 1.69.666 and endorsing 1.70.667 instead is bullish or bearish. …

They could create a special Twitter account for publishing such details. Do they have to?

I want it somewhere, sure, but does it have to be on the proprietary service of a third-party company?

Not that comparable, I think. But, yes, “marketing shills” was oversimplified for: “At the moment, they mainly use the blog and it’s targeted more at the general public than at SPOs wanting to know, which version to install.”

In the end, Github or Twitter are also webpages.

I just think, “IOG, please create a whole new section on your website!” might be less promising than: “IOG, please tidy up your Github, so that we can easily find the currently supported/endorsed versions for testnet as well as mainnet.”

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Fair enough about Discord.

Regarding Twitter they could just post that they have reverted with a link to detailed information on Github or their homepage.

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I totally agree.

IOG should post the updates on a platform that is open to everyone and free (as in freedom). This way they can have some assurance that their content will be available to everyone who wants to receive it.

After all, this is what IOG say that they live and breath. They open source all their code and do not pursue patents for these same reasons.

Seriously!!! Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook. None of these are open and none of them respect your freedom. All of them retain the ability to “rug pull” your content and the service.

What is wrong with this forum as a medium for posting updates? At least this is free and open to everyone and doesn’t require a tracking device for registration. Also, what is wrong with email? It is also free and open and you can even run your own mail server if you want using entirely open source software.

As a stake pool operator, I was subscribed to the IOHK spo-digest mailing list and here is a copy of the email I just received today (2hrs ago) from Ben O’Hanlon:

An important reminder.

As you may be aware, the team has this week removed access to node versions 1.35.0 and 1.35.1. This is due to stability issues we have identified in testing.

If you are running 1.35.0 /1.35.1 /1.35.2 on MAINNET we request that you roll back to 1.34.1 as soon as possible.

You should keep running node version 1.35.2 on the testnet if you are doing so, but this version is recommended ONLY for testing Vasil capabilities. It should NOT be deployed to the Cardano mainnet.

Thanks for your continued support, and we’ll share a formal update with you once the new 1.35.x node release is ready for further testing.

Thanks again,


Maybe this email could have been sent earlier rather than pushing out such important information via proprietary platforms like Discord days ago. Hell, you can even easily automate such important emails.

Discord is fine for general chit chat. Then if your access gets rug-pulled (since you don’t have any real rights to the use of their platform), it doesn’t matter.

Actually, I forgot to paste the last part of the email:

PS. Join the SPO Announcements Channel on Telegram

This is what I don’t want to be the standard for communication!

Telegram is not freedom and you can be rug-pulled. Furthermore, it requires you to register a tracking device to use it.

No one within IOHK seems in a position or able to take responsibility for the organization’s overall online presence or presentation. As a consequence, communication seems to be many individual or siloed efforts that sooner or later end up being neglected or simply abandoned without sufficient support or commitment from higher up in the organization.

The organization seems to fail to coordinate when it comes to communication, which is ironic considering that the organization is part of an industry involving blockchain technology, which promises to help us solve failures of coordination within society.

To put it politely, perhaps IOHK at the moment is something like what Apple may have become if Wozniak didn’t have Jobs, or what Microsoft may have been without the arguments between Gates and Allen for example.


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