The Cardano Foundation has joined the Linux Foundation as a Gold member

The @Cardano-Foundation has joined the Linux Foundation as a Gold member, making it the only nonprofit organization active at this level.

The milestone was announced during the Open Source Summit held in Austin on June 22. Only 18 entities worldwide are gold members of the Linux Foundation. Among the benefits of membership, the Cardano Foundation obtains, as a gold member, a seat on the Board of Directors of the Linux Foundation.

During the event, Cardano Foundation Open Source Director Dirk Hohndel shared an exclusive Q&A session with Linux creator Linus Torvalds.




This is great news. I’ve followed tha Linux ethos myself for years, and now to see Cardano where it can make an earth changing difference for the planet…
I hope to utilize both in my opensource hardware project.
The seeds of growth have been sewn for exponential change in the future.

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