Cardano Community Digest - 30 May 2022

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Ambassador Stories, Journal #25: Dzhuliana Nikolova & Andreas Sosilo

After a somewhat longer break, we are pleased to continue the Ambassador Stories series, in which we regularly introduce Cardano Ambassadors to you. Find out what motivated them to join, and what makes them want to contribute and partake in our amazing community.

Here are the stories of Dzhuliana and Andreas

The Cardano Foundation promotes impactful action of the community

The Cardano Foundation continued to strengthen its commitment to supporting the active participation of the community. We are therefore delighted that Cardano Ambassador Bullish Dumpling accepted the appointment as our new representative in the Catalyst Circle, a position that started last March.

Read more about on

How Cardano Foundation is promoting impactful actions by the community

Hot Topic on Cardano Reddit

This week on the Cardano Reddit channel:

“ErgoDEX prepares for imminent launch on Cardano”.

Recently held Meetups

On the 11th of May ~ 13th of May 2022, the Blockchain Expo Tokyo took place in Tokyo Big Sight.

More than 30 members of the Cardano community in Japan helped create a stellar booth alongside informative materials, and three days’ worth of guest speakers covering a wide range of topics helping to educate visitors on Cardano’s ecosystem and its mission.

In total, roughly 5000 visitors frequented the booth and received information regarding Cardano. This was also the first time that Cardano Foundation Community Manager Andrew Charalambous was able to meet the Japanese community in person now that restrictions have lifted, providing the Cardano Foundation with an invaluable chance to better understand the Japanese community and also learn valuable intel to help bolster support for them in the future.

The expo was also topped off with a meetup at a local Japanese Izakaya ¹ to celebrate the success of the expo, featuring core members of the Cardano Community and Japanese Cardano Ambassadors.

Below is an overview of some other recently held meetups.

Upcoming Ecosystem Events

The Cardano community is invited to join at Consensus.

Consensus continues to be one of the largest and most sought-after events in our industry, bringing together thousands of the brightest and boldest influencers from around the world to celebrate the innovations happening across crypto, blockchain, Web3, and the metaverse. We want to showcase Cardano’s growth story to Consensus’ 15,000 attendees… and to the world, with media coverage to match.

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Cardano Forum

  • 8 June 2022 Exclusive Cardano community event, the night before the main event at the Palmer Center.
    You can register your interest here.
  • 9-12 June 2022 Consensus 2022
  • 13 June 2022 Developer workshop & hackathon with Marlowe and Plutus challenges.
  • 18 June 2022 The London Cardano Social
  • 14-15 Oct 2022 The Rare Bloom Event

Recently held Ambassador Calls

  • 04 May 2022 Open Meetup Organiser Call
  • 04 May 2022 Open Content Creator Call
  • 18 May 2022 Open Moderator Call
  • 18 May 2022 Open Translator Call
  • 19 May 2022 Monthly Ambassador Call May
  • 25 May 2022 Open Meetup Organizer Call
  • 25 May 2022 Open Content Creator Call

Upcoming Ambassador Calls

  • 16 June 2022 Monthly Ambassador Call June

Stake pools chosen by Cardano Foundation for April 2022 delegation

  • After 6 months, the Cardano Foundation has once again reviewed its delegation strategy and has chosen 54 stake pools to redelegate its stake for the coming 6 months.

As part of the new delegation strategy, the Cardano Foundation also examines what pools do while they have the delegation. Based on the findings 296 pools were chosen this round to receive an honorable mention and a shortlist of 73 pools for their outstanding contribution.

See here the announcement posted on the Cardano forum.

Proposed adjustment of minimum Pool Fees and K parameter

During the March SPO call in Discord there were several proposals made by IOG to adjust the minimum pool fees, including the K parameter.

Whilst this information is dated two months prior, we believe it is worth sharing because of the impact such changes could potentially have on the SPO community. Also, some SPOs might have missed the summary of the call.

Read here the full summary on the Cardano Forum

Mid Month Development Update - April 2022

During the April Mid Month Development Update, IOG has once again provided the community with a short update on the latest in Cardano development. In this short update, we hear from the core architects, engineers, and key partners building the ecosystem. In this mid-month edition, there is a special chapter diving into Plutus by John Woods. Also a brief update from just a few of the 850+ projects now building on Cardano.


  • Update on network performance with John Woods
  • SPO upgrade to the latest version with Kevin Hammond
  • Scaling out the network
  • Vasil hard fork preview and release date
  • Cardano technical briefing: Plutus
  • Building On Cardano quick updates - re-connecting with community projects with Matthew Capps. This time we’re joined by Meld, ErgoDex, Ardana and MuesliSwap, previous guests on the show, with their latest updates

Watch the full update here on YouTube

Cardano YouTube Content

In the May Mid Month Development Update, IOG explains the latest on the road to the Vasil Hard Fork which is anticipated to go live on June 29th. In this short format update, you’ll hear more about what developers can expect to see once the test net is released at the end of May, the latest status on network performance, diffusion pipelining, some requirements for SPOs, and more.

:point_right: The closed public testnet phase at the end of May

:point_right: Vasil live on Cardano testnet in early June

:point_right: Mainnet HF proposal submission on June 29th

Spotlight for Community built Tools

  • Building On Cardano a place to view what’s happening within the cardano ecosystem.
  • WingRiders the DEX on Cardano. Native and fast AMM decentralized exchange platform.
  • Turf creates cartographic NFTs / wall art. Each Turf is a gorgeous 1/1 map based artwork of your favorite place on earth, preserved as interactive 3D NFTs.
  • Pavia creates, explores and trades in the Cardano virtual world owned by its users.
  • Atala Scan easy-to-use mobile app that gives customers real-time proof of products’ authenticity, recorded on the Cardano blockchain for life.

Cardano Blockchain insights

Network insights

¹ An izakaya (居酒屋) (Japanese: [izakaja]) is a type of informal Japanese bar that serves alcoholic drinks and snacks. Izakaya are casual places for after-work drinking, similar to a British or Irish pub, a Spanish tapas bar, or an American saloon or tavern.

Source: Wikipedia


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