Cardano Houston MeetUp Recap for 4-23-2022

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share with everyone a recap of our Cardano Houston MeetUp that was held on April 23, 2022. It was a great success and we had an amazing turn out! Everyone had fun and we had a full spectrum of new people to Cardano as well as Cardano Vets that were able to help teach and welcome all the new folks! Here is our agenda items for the MeetUp:


  • Our set up for meeting!
  • Random Video being taken/Interviews to document this Meet-up!
  • New to Cardano HUB
  • Community HUB
  • Governance/Decentralized Finance HUB (DeFi)
  • World of CNFTs HUB

Special Guests!

  • Cardano Dallas Members! YAY
  • Vince- Founder and Creator of Worlds Within- CNFT HUB
  • Andrew (Cinnamon_Bun)- Twitter Space host of #realtalk – Community HUB
  • Vic- (@ThHddnOrdr)Twitter Space host of #CNFT-TacoTuesday
  • Johnny Nguyen (@ IOGJohnny)
  • Chad – (@TheRdLessTaken)- Welcome to Cardano HIB
  • Reily – (@N8iveToEarth) Goverenance/DeFi HUB
  • Jeff (@MalibuKen8) Goverance/DeFi HUB

Topics Discussed

  • What is the purpose of this Meet-up?

  • How often will these be happening?

  • What is Cardano?

  • What makes Cardano Different?

  • Newest Cardano Updates

  • Upcoming Hydra

  • Mingle/Explore Hubs

  • Meet back at 3:30 for final words/thoughts

We met for over 3 hours for the original meet up and we continued to have it at a secondary location for another 2 hours! It was such a great vibe and we learned so much!

I had a special poster I made that our guests signed. My intent is to have the poster at each meet up and have all the new attendees sign it. When the poster is full, I will make it into an NFT for our attendees at the end of the year! Everyone was really excited!

I am looking forward to our next meet up on June 4, 2022.



I decided to place all the photos and videos in one link via google. Enjoy!

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Link to our PP Presentation done at the MeetUp:

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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This is a great summary and after going through the photos and videos you wish you were there. Highly appreciate sharing this @ADAGurl

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Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Looking forward to more! :100: :two_hearts: