Cardano Houston Meet-Up Recap for 7/16/2022- cNFTcon, Staking, Project Catalyst

Hello Fam!

We had an outstanding meet up for Cardano Houston!

Our structure is having speakers for the first hour and we try to make the content that is pertinent for both newcomers to Cardano and to veterans!

We started off with 3 speakers. These are the Topics:

  1. #RoadtoCNFTcon Presentation which talks about the upcoming event for our ecosystem. cNFTcon is being held in Vegas on October 8-9. It is going to have many of the major NFT projects and will have speakers. The opportunities to meet all of our virtual friends is so exciting. I will add the presentation for your review. This Presentation was done by @malibujeff69 (twitter)

2)We had a stake pool operator come to speak to our audience about how to become a stake pool operator and what is needed for this endeavor. In addition, he discussed the importance of staking your ada to a stake pool and he also covered wallets and how to protect yourself with your wallets. Excellent presentation! @ BBHMM_Stake (twitter)

  1. we had Vicc from the Hidden order come to speak to us about community in Cardano and he also introduced us to his new Project “Sound Rig”. It will be a project to champion music artists with fair compensation for their work with royalties and smart contracts. He also mentioned how important and helpful that the Catalyst Project is for our ecosystem and described his experience with this part of governance. @thehiddenorder (twitter)

When we offer these types of presentation, it creates opportunity for dialogue and topics for discussion during the “mingling” phase.

Our event was 6 hours scheduled and everyone there stayed the entire time. It was such a great vibe and everyone had a great time!

As you know we have a @unsigned_also poster that we have new ppl who come to sign and we had a few new signatures!

Here are some pics and we were super excited to host this! Can’t wait for the next one!
Thank you all for. your support!

Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 21.35.57|1000x378

Here is a link to all our photos from this Meet-Up!


Hey there!
It looks like it was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing this recap with the community :raised_hands:
I love the Hosky shoe box and the unsigned poster :star_struck:

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