Hi from Toronto

Been following Cardano for a little while now but just joined the community forum. Excited to see all the things Cardano will do this year because #ShelleyIsComing


Welcome @theirenictiger, and howdy from Toronto as well! Good to see more people from Toronto/Canada in general on here.

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hi @bobert thanks for the welcome! i thought there would have been a bigger community in a city like toronto but glad i’m getting on at the ground floor. also you’re an ambassador! that’s awesome!

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Indeed, you and I both, however that hopefully won’t be the case if we can get something rolling in the near future :ok_hand:

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then maybe the first meetup should focus on general info and exposure?

Nice town. Occasionally I get up that way to see clients. I’ll reach out next time.

That sounds like a great idea. A meetup about “Why Cardano Matters” or something of such could work great.

It’d be great to talk to you again in person, and hopefully double so at a Toronto Cardano meetup :+1:


look at that! already coming together nicely! would april be a good time for you? maybe coincide with iohk summit and shelley release?

There is a very high likelyhood I will be at the summit and will do some travelling to NY around that time too. First week of April should be good for me however, as all of that business will be in mid-April.

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Welcome dude. Enjoy this great community.

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okk let me know if that’s doable. i’ll start looking into possible venues.

@theirenictiger Hi Ron! Welcome to the Cardano Forum :wave:
I’m also a fellow Canadian :maple_leaf: so I’m happy to see our crew is growing!

If you are interested in running meetups, please do have a read through this post: Cardano Community Meetup Guidelines

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That’s helpful dude.