Toronto Meetup - anyone interested?

Anyone interested in a Toronto Ontario Canada Meetup? I’m sort of jealous people around the world are getting together and exchanging ideas and I’m here in Toronto twiddling my thumbs!

Would love to start a Meetup with someone!

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hey, from the tdot too. i’d be down for a local meetup!

Ah, guess I missed this thread earlier. I was looking for co-organisers last year to start getting meetups rolling in Toronto however that never came to fruition. I currently don’t have the free time to manage putting on a meetup anymore, but if either of you guys (or both) want to take up the mantle I’m more than willing to pitch in some extra time to help out or do a small presentation on Plutus, some of the basics of Cardano, or whatever else seems like a good idea. Let me know if this ends up coming to life :ok_hand:


i’d be interested.

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i don’t have much free time either but i can help with some organizing aspects if someone can take the lead

something in mid/late april?