Hello from Washington DC

Hi all,

My name is Mike and I am starting work on a project that I think Cardano is a great fit for. I am excited for the future of Cardano, and hope to meet some like minding folks!



Hi Mike thanks for posting and welcome! I believe there is a DC area meet up group that will be having a meet up at the end of the month. That would be a great place to make some connections.


Hi Mike,

Yes, please join our meetup club in DC. We will have our first meetup if the year later this month. The date is likely to move from the 24th to 23rd due to space (un)availability, but we will have a good intro to the ecosystem followed by Q&A.

Then we just mingle to get to know each other.

@Donnybaseball I hope to see you there. Jan 23rd 6-9pm.

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Perfect, thanks! I will definitely try and make it there.