NYC Cardano Meet ups!

Hey everyone,

I wanted to recreate NYC meet-ups as things reopen! Would be great to get the discussion and project started in good old ‘garage’ style fashion!

if anyone knows of already existing or would like to meet up, let me know.


I’m rather new to the world of Cardano but have been fascinated by the technology and the opportunity that it presents. I am 25 or so miles outside of Manhattan and would be interested!

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Hi, Here is the link to the NYC meetup group:

We have been meeting virtually the last Thursday of the month to discuss the Cardano 360 updates. I do think you are right it is time to start getting together in person again though.

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Awesome Donny!

will join the group, see you then!

Yeah, places are opening up, and would be nice to support these small businesses!

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Yeah, one train ride and you should be able to come! i’m sure the group is big enough to shift locations around. which part of tri-state area are you from?

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Welcome to the forum! Love to see you at the next Meetup be it virtual or otherwise.

Joined! Thank you for providing the link.

If you have a place in mind let me know!

Not sure if you were asking me or not, but if you were, Long Island.

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@donny, not sure how many people? but friend works at a bar on sunday’s in hell’s kitchen area during the afternoon. I was going to post it on the message board in the group chat in meet-up.

@nochangeplease, yeah I was talking to you. hahaha

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is the bar my friend works at from 11 am to 5 pm on sunday’s. For now, I think they are slowly ramping up.

Im in. Just keep me updated if free ill be there.

Hey Group.

I’ll be there on Sunday’s 11 am - 1 pm (tomorrow). Just to get some grubs and meet up with a friend.

Anyone is welcome to join. If people start to come on a consistent basis, we can set up a table and get all nerdy with computers and also watch games while we try to start projects if interested.

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Ha! I’m a long time Hell’s Kitchen Rat. Always been a big fan of Rudy’s ever since I saw someone get physically thrown out the front door one afternoon when I was a kid walking by.


alright, well if you all are available, I’ll be at the mentioned bar from 11:30 to 1 pm on Sunday.

have a good evening1

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Pretty good chance I can drop by and say hello.

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@Donnybaseball Great time! thanks for coming!

@Nochangeplease @Jori_Levy come join next time.

For now, I plan to go every Sunday around 11:30 am - 1:00 pm.

Great discussion, we probably keep evolving and improving it!

Great to meet you as well.

Definitely like to make that a regular thing!

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Hey group, @Donnybaseball started an event for this Sunday, hopefully all of you can join!!!

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Here is the link with the details: