Hello from New York

Hi there,

I’m Jeff and from Long Island, NY. Travels around NYC all the time. Curious why we do not have meet up for Cardano here in NYC. There has to be a lot of investors, programmers and app developers in NYC or Long Island. Thought I should introduce myself and hopefully meet some of you in the near future.


Hey Jeff.

I’m from the NYC area as well. I think we should get some sort of meet up going here for sure formal or informal.


Sounds good to me, i’m in!

Go Yanks and hope we will win the wild card game.


No doubt!

I’m actually working in midtown tomorrow if your around but I’ll start a post about a NYC meet up as well.

Welcome to the community Jeff! :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Jeff…and also from Long Island. Smithtown in the house. Welcome.

And a Yanks fan, you are nearly family.

Thanks Bullish! Hope to meet you in the near future.

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My office is in Melville. So yeah, we’re pretty close! Hope we win the wild card game. :blush:

I would like that, if you are ever in Belgium give me a shout. :smile:


Same for Seattle!

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Hi Jeff! Welcome to the Cardano Community! All the best, and im sure many are out there that are willing to have meet ups! i suggest you start one yourself! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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hey there!! guess there are many ppl from NYC now!

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I look forward to the NYC meet up.

I work across the Hudson River, so it’s just a hop on the PATH train.

Long Island is fine too, I have extended family in Deer Park, Smithtown, and East Setauket.

I’d definitely go to a meetup.

How do we feel about Sunday the 21st of October in Brooklyn for the meet up?