Washington DC Meetup

Come join us for the first Cardano meetup of 2019 in Washington, DC.

Sign up here:



If something doesn’t come up for me I’ll try to get down. Be fun to meet in person.

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Just wanted to remind you that the Washington, DC Cardano meetup is a little more than a week away.

Please note the change in the date. We moved it to January 23rd. Location and time remain the same.


Thank you for holding a meetup in Washington DC!
Community team will promote this event in our channels soon :slight_smile:

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Thank you @YeJi.Kim

Hi all,

We had a great meetup yesterday in DC. Kudos to @vantuz-subhuman, who stayed up late to take questions from the audience.

Here is the video of the event. Enjoy!

Here is the summary of the main topics covered in the meetup:

  1. Working Philosophy
    -Peer Review
    -Formal Verification

  2. Technical Superiority
    -Industry Problems
    -Scalability, Interoperability, Sustainability
    -Smart Contracts (K-Framework, Plutus, Marlowe)
    -Cardano Architecture [SL vs. CL]

  3. Roadmap
    -Byron [Bootstrap Era. Impemented]
    -Shelley [Decentralization]
    -Goguen [Computation Layer]

  4. Presentation + Q&A Session [video with timestamps]:
    0:40 - Presentation “What’s Cardano”
    15:30 - When Shelley?
    (Unfortunately, some part is lost here)
    18:30 - End of answer about formal verification
    20:05 - Incentives and ROI on staking?
    26:46 - Is it possible to change reward formula later?
    28:36 - How total amount of stake in the system affects rewards?
    32:30 - Do we need to register to run a staking pool?
    34:20 - How much ADA you need to create a pool? How pool creation will work at all?
    39:55 - What’s the hardware requirement to run a pool?
    42:36 - Are all these details about requirements already documented somewhere? Stake pool documentation telegram group.
    45:46 - What are the languages we can use now for smart-contracts? Solidity (KEVM), IELE, Plutus, general and custom languages, k-framework, etc.
    49:45 - More details about KEVM and multiple chains on Cardano-CL. Testnets webpage, Remix for IELE, porting from Solidity, etc.
    53:05 - Custom tokens on Cardano? Smart-contract tokens on Cardano-CL vs “1st class citizen tokens” on Cardano-SL.
    58:52 - When Goguen?
    1:00:16 - Is ADA used as GAS to run smart-contracts? GAS models in existing used VMs. IELE semantics (yellow paper).
    1:04:21 - Difference between IELE and KEVM? Cardano-CL.
    1:06:43 - Multiple blockchains and layers in Cardano explained.
    1:09:58 - Continued explanation of multiple blockchains and side-chain transfers.
    1:12:50 - Creating custom sidechains. Do you need to use language from k-framework for this?
    1:18:59 - If you connect Bitcoin as sidechain to Cardano - can you have it on Cardano-SL then? How sidechain assets will be represented in Cardano at all?
    1:23:00 - end of Q&A


Nice! Wish I was there. I’ll get to the next one.

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