Spring Seattle Meetup!

HI all,
I’m very pleased to announce the planning for our first Seattle meetup!
It’s been great to see the amount of interest that’s been shown for a Cardano meetup in Seattle, and this thread will be the discussion point to make sure the first meetup is a fun and informative experience for everyone.

As a basic starting template to flush this out - here’s some rough ideas based on discussions with a number of interested people:

time - end of March / early April (Mar 26 - Apr 6?)
location - Bellevue/Redmond (Eastside) WA…or possibly Seattle proper but depends on what meeting format we want to do.
Venue - we could do either restaurant with private room, or I’m actually wondering if MSFT may let us use one of their meeting rooms. I’ve given some presentations there though that was for MSFT user groups…but they might be amenable. Other options could be Columbia tower room (if anyone has membership there?), Met market is where Sammamish startups is meeting this Thursday for blockchain meeting, etc.

Agenda - besides the standard meet and greet, do we want to have some presentations and/or guided discussions? I’m thinking both some technical and some general?
*Edit update - Jon from Cardano Foundation indicated there is an overview of the Cardano Foundation role in the ecosystem they would like to have presented, so that would be a great initial topic to start with.

Shelley release is likely live or nearly live so could range from staking/wallet, dApps, cardano vs other crypto (technical merits, future dapps, etc. I mean…not price movements lol).

I would tentatively volunteer a talk on DAG’s vs blockchain if that’s of interest since it’s very possible Ouroboros Hydra will in fact be a form of DAG (and help quell the mystery that many cryptos’ market by invoking DAG lol).
Another dev I know that will likely attend has been learning K framework to get ready for Cardano smart contracts so I could see if he would be interested in a brief overview presentation?

And other ideas - please feel free to post below what topics would (or would not!) be of interest and we can shape it appropriately.

Note that if we do presentations/discussion, it would be great to have it video’ed and we can post it out here on the forums for those who can’t attend to see/view later.

Anyway, look forward to your input and our first annual Seattle Cardano meetup!


I’m in. @MegaWind let me know how I can help. I’m in the area as well. Thanks for coordinating!


Awesome, thanks SuperAgent! Look forward to working with you on planning this!

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Facebook group for the meetup - I made an FB group in case that is easier for people to use for planning and event notification. I’ve been to some parties where people used FB to RSVP and also notify everyone a few days before:


But I’ll also keep everything cross referenced here so we don’t miss anyone not on FB!

I’m in. Would suggest DT Seattle as some (myself included) will use transit. But I’ll attend in any location. Thanks for taking the lead with this.

I work in the Microsoft Bellevue office (City Center beside the transit center). If you want, I can try and get us a room there although the larger publicly-accessible rooms are not owned by the company. The rules for booking an event using company space has a certain requirement on the % of participants that are Microsoft employees but I can probably find enough people so it works out.


I’m in as well, @MegaWind. I’ll hop on over to the FB group so I can get the notifications.
Thanks for setting this up! :smiley:

I’ve heard that the CF, IOHK, and Emurgo like to send people to these meetups whenever they can. Have you heard from any of them on their potential participation?

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I like the idea, I live in the Seattle area and I would like to participate as well.


Thanks for taking the time to set this up @MegaWind . You can count me in, I’m open to either location.

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I am not even in the area and want to come to this meetup! (I will be in Utah)
Any chance you could live stream any presentation done at the meetup? Facebook Live would be fine I think.


I"m not sure if we’ll just video or actually livestream (thought live would be neat b/c if it works remote viewers could chat in questions during discussions/QA, etc.!)…but either way, definitely planninng on making some form of video available for everyone who can’t attend!


Choppy imperfect live video would be fine however you choose to do it (and I would go for a time delayed video if I could review topics being discussed that I could call in on), I would love to say hi to the community with a question from rural america, would love to be able to connect with the community in the moment when participant’s of the future of Cardano come together.


Glad to know. I’m in Bellevue and I will attend :blush:


From Seattle here… I’d attend. Keep us posted.


I live in the Seattle area and will be attending as well! Very excited to be a part of this group.


Thank you Sebastien

@MegaWind Hola Less! Any plans for this happening? We would love to help support and send you some schwag :slight_smile:

Look forward to hearing from you,


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Hi Jon and all!
We are underway for May 31st! You can view here:

Jon - If you can send me the documentation on CF I’m planning on presenting that as part of the presentation portion.
I’m leaving for Atlanta for a week tomorrow, and then was planning on really getting into promotion mode for the event since it will then be only three weeks out and I think people seem to schedule better closer to the event.
We’re limited at this space to only 20 people so if we end up having more than that reserving, then we’ll move to Expedia or another meeting place, but for now having it at MSFT campus seems to add a nice touch to it :slight_smile: (Big thanks to Sebastien for hooking up with the space!)

We are going to try and record or livestream as well!

Best regards,


Hi Less,

This looks fantastic! :slight_smile:

I’ll drop you a pm now…

Best wishes,


Reminder: Seattle meetup is this Thursday! We have free swag to give our courtesy of CF :slight_smile: