Cardano Seattle meetup


I know that Seattle, WA has a Seattle/Bellevue MeetUp group already but it appears to be dormant, so I’m kicking off another Cardano Seattle proper group that will have regularly scheduled events, even if it’s just me attending.

Our first event is titled Get to know your Cardano Seattle enthusiasts, come and check it out, all are welcomed.



Awesome coast to coast!

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For those of you who do not live by any Cardano Meetup groups as I do, you should find some of my finding interesting.

I attended an ETH group so I could get a feel for what to expect as I have never organized a group like this before. I arrived well before the meeting began so I could introduce myself and find out about the regular attendees.

Two presentations comprised the meeting:


I’m mentioning them because they both described pain points in dealing with ETH, on many fronts. Now I know that all software comes with growth pain, Ada will for sure, but what surprised me is how unresponsive ETH has been to address their pain. Check out the projects above, one is quite simple the other is very complex, pain at both ends of the equation, food for thought.

I did not try and persuade any attendees to checkout Cardano, tempted as I was, that was not my purpose and would have been poor marketing by my scorecard.

Before this meeting, I considered, in part that Cardano was an ETH replacement. I parroted back what I heard from many, even Charles has said as much, I was wrong in doing that, and perhaps you will come to the same conclusion. Cardano is not an ETH replacement, any more than a smart-phone replaced the landline phone, it did, but that is not what advanced the smart-phone, the smart-phone made the landline phone irrelevant.

I will never again view Cardano as having a review mirror it doesn’t. Cardano is not trying to eliminate what is, no it is much bigger than that, Cardano is lessening the divide for all of humanity, I’m not saying that lightly, Cardano is not based on trendy nonsense, now is it, so why did I connect it to that nonsense? A misstep that I will never repeat.

I hope this makes remote Cardano supporters feel a little more connected. If you gained ground from this post and would like future write-ups please let me know and I will add my thoughts as they transpire.


Greatly appreciate that insight thank you!

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thank you for holding the meetup in your area! and hope it goes well :slight_smile:

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Any meetings planned for the coming months?