Greetings from Ontario, Canada


Hello everyone! My name’s Jared, I’ve been following Cardano since Oct 1st. I regrettably didn’t buy and hold at .02 unfortunately though :pensive: . I’m from a rural town around 2.5 hours from Toronto. The area I live in the vast majority of people have never heard of bitcoin/blockchain. I have a strong belief in Cardano and its underlying technology. I’ve recently shifted 80%-90% of my crypto portfolio into ADA and have high hopes for the next few years. If there is ever a Cardano meetup in the Toronto area I would be more than happy to attend. Also wanted to also say thank you to the IOHK/Emurgo team for your dedication in the last couple years working on this project. Cardano = Blockchain 3.0 :star_struck:


Welcome @Jbman Jared :slight_smile:


Hello @Jbman!
Welcome to the forum, from a fellow canadian :maple_leaf: :smile:
(From Vancouver and I actually lived in Kingston, ON for four years)


Thank you for the welcome! The Cardano community appears to be very friendly/supportive. Hoping to connect and share ideas with some of you in the near future! Long live Cardano! :metal: