Cardano Community at Consensus2022!

:round_pushpin:Wednesday, June 8, 2022, Palmer Events Center

Join us: Cardano Community @ Consensus, Wed, Jun 8, 2022, 7:00 PM | Meetup

Consensus continues to be one of the largest and most sought after events in our industry, bringing together thousands of the brightest and boldest influencers from around the world to celebrate the innovations happening across crypto, blockchain, Web3, and the metaverse.

This year, Cardano will be there! We want to showcase our growth story to Consensus’ 15,000 attendees… and to the world.

In addition to the Consensus show floor itself June 9th – June 12th, the Cardano Foundation, Emurgo and IO plan to start with an exclusive Cardano Community evening ahead of the main event. Hosted at the famous Palmer Center.

Full agenda to follow, but sign up now to secure your place and avoid disappointment.


How can I sign up to attend on the 8th? Thanks.
Alan Levy


@Anastassia will it be transmitted?

I will be there!! Ready to represent the awesomeness of the Cardano Community and to meet everyone who is going! :slight_smile:

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An email was sent out earlier today with link to register via

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and submit your attendance :+1:t4:

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I think I already registered successfully, but it’s very kind to follow up for me. I can only attend the pre-consensus get together on the 8th. But I’d very much like to meet Mr. Hoskinson due his recent Bartiromo interview. It’s obvious he sees the new future from organizing communities. He’s the only one I know who recognizes coming changes to communities. I saw it coming 7 years ago, due AI and blockchain. And I have a long history with supply chains. I already recognize several industries that need the new approach. I have a specific one I’d like to address in private. It’ll have an outsized effect. But I need help. I believe Mr. Hoskinson will want to know about it. Can you help me?


Click on the link in the post :slight_smile: or follow this one: Cardano Community @ Consensus, Wed, Jun 8, 2022, 6:00 PM | Meetup

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awesome! see you there!

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We’ll be recording and sharing some segments on our social channels - make sure to follow

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Hi @Anastassia, is this something you can advise on?

It will have a major effect on an important industry. I seek a technical leader with high ethics and a serious degree of altruism. The need and revenues are evident. But few can create or express ideas as well as Mr. Hoskinson. When you’re that good, it makes people tend to be more honest, concerned and determined. I’m exposing it to a select few. I’ve followed tech my entire life, but I came to this from the side of industry, recognizing the needs and possibilities. Probably 7 or 8 years ago. I believe Mr. Hoskinson recently stated he followed a similar timeline, but from the tech side. Here’s my cellphone 850-999-3052. I can meet a different time or day with prior notice. I also expect to be in San Francisco later this month.

I’ll be available in Austin tomorrow, if anyone would like to chat. I certainly hope to meet with IOHK and Cardano. Thanks. Alan 850-999-3052

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I’ll be in Austin tomorrow, and available to talk. I hope to meet with IOHK, and Cardano. Thanks. Alan 850-999-3052

I’m not sure that it is wise to post your phone number in a public forum.

Shall we hide it?

Hope to meet some great people and come away with info about up and coming projects. See you all there…

Sorry for the delay in responding to your kind offer. I was driving a very long distance and hit the bed the moment I arrived at the hotel. Actually, I don’t think it matters. I’ve a reasonable understanding of telephony and our phone system. It runs in the family. But thank you for your concern. I very much appreciate it. I hope we get to meet in Austin!

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I’ve arrived in Austin. I’m thinking about visiting some Austin software developers tomorrow and see what’s around. I’m available to IOHK and Cardano, and anyone else they might suggest, but will only attend the Jun 8th Meetup. Reach out to me if desired beforehand. I hoped to meet Charles Hoskinson. Is there someone else he works with who understands his important thoughts on self-forming communities?

Exciting, I look forward to attending! :slight_smile:

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Anastasia and Denicio, I’ll be wearing an orange polo style shirt with blue Levis and high-top white tennis shoes. I’m almost 6’ with white hair. It would be nice to meet.

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this was definitely a success, cardano keeping the promise.

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