Cardano May 2022 Monthly Update

The article is based on the regular update Cardano 360 from IOHK channel, this video you can check here.

I. Mithril

Mithril is a stake-based threshold signature scheme for Proof-of-stake protocols.

Mithril is designed to provide a certified snapshot of the chain’s state, which allows SPOs and developers more easily to verify the information and bootstrap the Cardano node without having to download or verify the whole chain.

Mithril now is at the final stage and will be opensourced after the conference (Consensus) somewhere in June.

II. Consensus

Cardano community event will be 8 June - 7:00 PM CST | Palmer Events Center


Sign up for the Cardano u/Consensus community event:

CONSENSUS: THE MAIN EVENT! (9th - 12th June, Austin, Tx)

Join us at the Consensus event:

Cardano @ Consensus Discount Code (25% valid until June1):

Register for Developer Workshop & Hackathon Austin 2022:

III. Rare Bloom Cardano event in October

Peyton Winget (well-known Cardano YouTuber, Big Pey) organises the first Rare Bloom Cardano community event on the 14-15th October 2022 in Denver, Colorado:

Discount code: PEY10

IV. Building on Cardano - guests from Paribus & Cardashift

Paribus is a cross-chain borrowing and lending protocol for NFTs, liquidity positions, and synthetic assets, building for the Cardano blockchain.

Cardashift is a community-run launchpad that raises funds, builds, and accelerates startups that are solving social and environmental issues.

V. Vasil Hard fork - the closed public testnet phase for a limited number of SPOs started. Vasil Hard fork - the date is 29th of June 2022

VI. Project in Africa with Ethiopia - building, working with the government on integrations of the national data privacy laws, national identity system. Now we are moving into the implementation phase. Goal - till the end of the year onboard 1-2 million students.

VII. IOHK started Ariob Incubator in Africa:

VIII. Marcin Szamotulski gives an overview of Peer to Peer. As the network instance, Peer to Peer is feature complete. In the coming weeks, there will be a gradual rollout of Peer to Peer nodes. SPOs will start to run one of their relays as Peer to Peer node.

IX. In April of 2022 the Input Output team traveled to the border of Ukraine and Poland. The goal was to shine a light on the incredible efforts being done by the decentralized network of individuals and organizations supporting those in need Lessons from the border of Ukraine - YouTube

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