Cardano June 2022 Monthly Update

The article is based on the regular update Cardano 360 from IOHK channel, this video you can check here

  • Cardano at Consensus highlights - Cardano was very actively presented at Consensus and the big community gathered from all around the world.

  • An overview of the EVM sidechains project with Kathryn Stacy (Product marketer for Sidechains, IOG) - Basho era (Scaling) explained. Interesting overview of Cardano sidechains, bridges and directions for development

  • Lace: New IOG Web3 light wallet platform with Stella Ivanova (Senior product marketing manager, IOG). Lace presentation at Consensus.

  • Barcelona audit & certification workshop highlights - there were a number of people from IOG, dapp developers and the community: Pi Lannigham (SundaeSwap), Brian Gale (FYEO), Roberto Morano (Gimbalabs), Hao Xiao (Runtime Verification), Peter Benc (Vacuumlabs),

  • ‘Vasil’ hard fork name explained - in honor of Vasil Stoianov Dabov, longtime member of community who passed away last year. Vasil was an artist, entrepreneur, Haskeller, and planted more than 10 000 trees.

  • The latest on Vasil progress: we are ready to fork the testnet, this testnet fork will be Sunday 3 July, 2022. In a period of 4 weeks we’ll be asking the community, SPOs, exchanges to do the testing to be sure they are ready for our hardfork.

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