Ambassador Stories, Journal #25: Dzhuliana Nikolova & Andreas Sosilo

Welcome to the 25th journal of the “Ambassador Stories” series! :star_struck:

After a somewhat longer break, we are pleased to continue the Ambassador Stories series, in which we regularly introduce Cardano Ambassador to you. What motivates them to join? What makes them want to contribute and partake in this amazing community? What’s their stories?

The Cardano Community Team would also like to thank the Ambassadors for all their continued efforts and participation in sharing their stories with us. :writing_hand:

Please read all about @Dzhuliana & @andreassosilo down below! :open_book:

The Cardano Team is happy to welcome Dzhuliana and Andreas, and we look forward to working and helping you guys! We would also like to take this moment to show our gratitude for your hard work and efforts put into this.

Part 1: Dzhuliana, Meetup Organiser:

Dzhuliana has joined our Ambassador program as a Meetup Organiser.


1) Tell us a little about yourself. What is your background?

My background is very diverse - I have a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture and I worked as a Landscape Architect in Bulgaria, the country I’m originally from. Then I completed a second Master’s Degree in Arts, in the United Kingdom and I quickly shifted into front-end and back-end development. I have now 5+ years of experience in UI/UX design, and web and software development.

My primary focus and strength are education and self-development which is how I ended up being a Co-founder and CTO at OneUpOneDown - a highly scalable AI mentor matching platform and framework that connects women worldwide with their perfect match.

Currently, I’m also on the Executive Board as a Technical Director at another company called RiseTheWeb - a digital agency focused on sports betting marketing and iGaming.

Apart from my professional interests, I’m a bodybuilding athlete and I compete in the Bikini category.

2) How did you get interested and involved with Blockchain/Crypto?

Our vision at OneUpOneDown is to transform the way people connect through building a global network of deep trusted relationships and making mentors more accessible. Sharing my ideas and vision for building a mentorship DAO with my technical mentor, who is part of the Cardano Catalyst community, he sparked my interest in how my ideas could be achieved in this specific blockchain system and why Cardano is the best option.

3) Why Cardano?

The technical opportunities that Cardano offers and make us confident in terms of building a mentorship DAO are the following:

  1. Zero-Knowledge Proof-of-Identity to avoid self-selection bias

  2. Identity Solution (ATALA Prism)

  3. AI Mentor matching (SingularityNET)

  4. Native tokens and NFTs incentivizing for providing an extraordinary mentorship experience (CNFT.IO)

  • The research first philosophy and community driven ecosystem

You can learn more about the reason why and how we think we can build our ideas on Cardano in our funded proposal - Mentorship Incentivization DAO

4) How are you contributing to the Cardano Ecosystem as an Ambassador?

My team at OneUpOneDown and I started to organise After Town Hall meetings every week for the Cardano Catalyst community with the pure intention to understand better the underlying challenges that the women in our community face.

That activity grew organically and more women joined us every week. We also created a brand called “Cardano Catalyst Women” where we hold 2 meetings per week and we plan to start organising in-person events.

5) What is your future vision for the Cardano Ecosystem?

Scale globally and be in the top 3 blockchain systems in the world. I believe Cardano is the only community driven ecosystem that supports and understands at that high level the importance of diversity in people.

6 ) What is your personal message to the Cardano community?

Everything is a state of mind. Dare to dream high, believe in yourself and build great stuff on Cardano.

Don’t forget to like, share, and follow Dzhuliana on dzhuliana (@dzhuliana_kn) / Twitter and her inspiring Women Leadership platform OneUpOneDown!

—The End of Part 1.

Part 2: Andreas, Translator

Andreas has joined the Ambassador ranks as a Translator.

Andreas Sosilo

1) Tell us a little about yourself. What is your background?

Hi, my name is Andreas Sosilo. I’m from Indonesia but currently work in Germany. I work as a Software Developer and have been interested in Cardano blockchain since last year.

2) How did you get interested and involved with Blockchain/Crypto?

I saw a tutorial about Ethereum blockchain last year and then learned about Solidity, Web3.js. Then I learned about Cardano blockchain from there. I try to be active in the Cardano Forum at first and do Indonesian translation there. Now I am also an avid Cardano NFT collector :smiley:

3) Why Cardano?

It has interesting technology behind it. And the community is friendly & supportive. I feel like there are so many opportunities that will be opened for many people all around the world, if Cardano blockchain is adopted on a bigger scale.

4) How are you contributing to the Cardano Ecosystem as an Ambassador?

Mainly, I do translation for Indonesian language and also try to help others & answer questions in Cardano Forum. Besides that I host Cardano Indonesia workshops and also Eastern Town Hall meetup every two weeks.

5) What is your future vision for the Cardano Ecosystem?

I hope that smart contracts will come soon, so many Dapps will be launched in Cardano blockchain. And I hope it will bring more new businesses & financial opportunities for more people all around the world.

6 ) What is your personal message to the Cardano community?

Keep learning & sharing about Cardano. Be kind to each other and support the community. Cardano community rocks!

To see more about Andreas, please like, share, and follow him on Twitter: ₳ndreas Sosilo (@andreassosilo)

—The End of Part 2.

We are truly blessed with such motivated community members we have in our ecosystem! Thank you all for reading, and don’t forget to leave your comments/likes and give our Ambassadors some Cardano community :heart: and follow their work!:100::muscle:

Until next time, with new people and new Ambassador Stories! :wave:

If you are already very active in the Cardano community and would like to become an Ambassador, you can find a form at the bottom of Ambassadors with more information.


Congrats fam and thank you for serving the community. Am looking forward to also be a ambassador one day am currently still connecting and contributing :clap:t6:


Nice to hear, by connecting with people of the community you already made the first step :))


Thank you am a Fund 8 funded proposer Community
“Catalyst Resources In Swahili” which is the most common language spoken in East Africa. I believe through the resources we will increase awareness, participation and adaptation in this region. Also i am language ambassador in MulCa project (Multilingual Cardano Hub) MulCa-Hub | Multilingual Cardano Hub . So highly believe by September i will i a good position to apply for being an Cardano ambassador.

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Enjoyed reading these stories, we have great ambassadors!