Is my Daedalus bugged?

So as I previsly posted I lost both the codes of my Ada wallet (Spending and Seed).

Today I spend all day flipping the house around and after 300 attemps at the spending password I got nothing.

But before I did this I install Daedalus in my current pc, a fresh clean install and used a seed I had (of a working Shelley wallet) to restore it. It went fine I restored the wallet entered new spending passwords and I marked them in a paper.
At the end of the day after the 300 attemps I was getting depressed so I tried in the Shelley wallet (I have the same wallet in both pc now) I went to change the password, entered the same password 3 times and it’s sais my password is incorrect. Remember I just changed it today and it is not possible for it to be wrong. Is my installation of Daedalus broken or corrupted?

Maybe try Yoroi and see if you have the same issues.

The problem Adam is that without the restore function I cannot change wallet do to the loss of codes

Was the caps lock on when you changed it?, that can mess things Up.:thinking: