Need Help with Daedalus

As I said before I lost access to all my Ada in my wallet, do to the lost of both the seed phrase and the spending password.

Today I went to all the files of the Daedalus install and I saw in the logo that my wallet “Cardano Project” had password set to false and them the same wallet with the same id with password wallet set to “true”. This happen in 07/2020.

Was this the day I changed the password? because I don’t remember setting a password at all

Does the Id of the wallet and this data help in any way?

Any help is a blessing, this is very important

I advise you to send a ticket:

Follow the steps they tell you. Good luck!


Id really recommand you to open a ticket here : IOHK Support

If theres a way to restore your wallets, they will find it.


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