Probably my last post

Probably my last Post

As I mention several times I am one of many who lost access to their funds, this of course is not fault of Daedalus or que team behind it, it’s completly my fault.
I’m posting just to thanks all who help me and tried to give me soluctions for my problem, sadly at the current time I am not able to restore my spending password.

Back 2 years ago there was a way to restore a wallet with the secret key file and rewrite the spending password but this is no longer possible. If any one finds a way or any clue on how to fix it please share.

I learn with all the research I made that many people suffer from this and I hope one day they will find a way for us to get our investment back. Maybe in 5 to 10 years this will be possible who knows.
I’m stepping away because of mental problems as my doctor says this is not helping.

I already sent a ticket to the team responsable in hopes they find a way to fix this as this is a investment I could not afford to lose (yes I made this investment before I lose my job and everything else with the pandemic)

I leave this beautiful Project sadly but in the hopes one day there will be a way for me to access my Ada. Until then I keep my wallet open and every transaction or file safe

Thank you all



This might be able to help you and a community member Dylan. This is to get ITN rewards without seed words, he also mentions being able to restore daedalus wallets. Might be worth reaching out to him to at least have a conversation

Dylan @nalyd88 a Community member along with his team have discovered a way to redeem ITN rewards if you lost your seed words and unable to yet.

Read this reddit thread for further details.

Dylan and his team will never ask you for your wallet or passwords!

Please always be aware of scams and malicious people, never disclose seed words to anyone and if anyone reaches out to you directly, they are likely scamming you.

Remember in crypto, you are responsible for your funds, they are not insured and no one can get them back if you fall victim to fraud.

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I have sent him a messege. Thank you so much for your help

@Jaime_Peixoto The mentioned feature to import wallet is on it’s way back (as long as you have your spending password). Just be on a watch out for new releases (does not mean immediately next one).

You can actually track the issue here

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Sadly the import feature is not my way out. I have the wallet open. I don’t have the spending password. There should be a way to use the files to restore your wallet and the spending password. Hope something in the future helps me

Not having as mnemonics as well as spending password means there is no way around. You are asking for files to be in unencrypted format lying around which would be a very bad practice (security hazard) for wallets.

Just need a bit of hope from the team working on this tech, I don’t want to get depressed

Sorry but a false hope is more harmful than truth. What we can hope for is you might find out (either your recovery phrase or spending password) is somewhere written down and you could get access to your funds. All the best!

I im triyng me Best, But as you know it is Hard I looked everywhere! So you just came to say its all gone? Live with nothing now? Thanks a lot the support is great in Cardano. I just think this is what the team should be working on way to bring more security and to hello their Ada user this are the things we need

But didn’t you say to have the private key file? Or is that file encrypted by the spending password?

Normally, it’s not possible to easily crack the encryption, but maybe if you have some kind of an idea of what the password may be. Do you usually randomly generate the password? If so, maybe there’s a history available in your password manager? Or do you have a system for generating your passwords in your head? Maybe creating a little program that generates options from this limited library of passwords (which still may be hundreds or thousands of passwords) you may be able to reverse engineer. Using the public key, you can convert a simple word, like “pear” and then try to brute-force hack it if you can limit the possible passwords enough.

Honestly, I don’t know enough about cryptography so I may be wrong in some details, but limited the library of options should open the possibility of a brute-force hack.

Hi, is the Import Feature really back soon?

Check the link in my comment, they mention there will be an update on estimates soon (possibly early next week).

Sorry for your loss… You may want to consider earning that lost ada back again through investing/trading… You have learned not to risk more than you can afford to lose, and during the next few weeks/months many altcoins will make significant gains. It’s possible to start with a small amount and multiply it over time… don’t give up hope for the future. Good luck, and take care of your health.

I would not be this desperate of I could just invest in crypto again, sadly this is all I had.

Look mate, they will never do that. I hate to pop any hope you may have. This is the reason why.
Daedalus wallet in its current state does not require any logging in. It’s literally open 24/7. The only protection for users who may share a device is the spending password and the seed phrase.
While you may be a genuine case of misplaced keys, if it were possible to help you, that would compromise the whole community as anyone could get hold of their device and claim they have the wallet open but can’t access their funds because they misplaced their keys.
So frankly, while your case is very unfortunate, its no different from anyone who could get hold of your device and claim the same.

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I have proof of my wallet bring open

What he is saying is, if there was some assistance that could recover your wallet because you lost your seed words, then I could pretend I own your wallet and contact support for access.

(Not saying you are) but the wallet you’re trying to access could belong to another member of your family, you managed to get access to their computer and files, and now you want help accessing someone else’s wallet. You might be able to prove you have opened the wallet before because you have access to the computer that has opened it. Meanwhile your family member has no idea you are attempting this.

Owning crypto in a wallet means you are 100% responsible for the security of the wallet and the seed phrase.

If you want a service where you can reach out to someone, give them a few details like your name, date of birth, address etc. Then the service resets your security for you giving you access. You need something that is not decentralised and managed by a centralised entity, coinbase custody, or an exchange can give this service.

It is very important that this service is not available in wallets such as Daedalus and Yoroi. I would say the security is working great by the fact you can’t access this wallet

We can’t want to take control of our finances, identity, etc. When it suits us but not when it becomes an inconvenience because we failed to take ownership, didn’t secure things like our seed words properly and then they went missing.

Seed words are unbelievably important, they give unconditional access to your crypto assets, which for some people is a lot of money. Writing them on a piece of paper and putting them in a draw, or saving them to a computer is extremely risky behaviour and reckless… not saying you did this, I am just using it as an example. When you create a new wallet both Daedalus and Yoroi clients explcitily tell you the importance of seed words, it even requires you to tick a box to confirm you understand.


As a side note, this import feature for daedalus is for people who still have the old daedalus files on their computer, which doesn’t work anymore. They also lost their seed words, so can’t access their funds to send them to a new wallet. The import feature can not garentee to work for everyone (you will still need to know the spending password for example). - otherwise I could simply steal a computer and with the files on the computer use the import function.

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I have found in my old files of the Wallet a file called client, it was created when I changed my spending password the one I forgot.

In this file there is a RSA private key , does this help me with anything??

Please help if you know

I perfectly understand but I am doing my best to try to find the password I just asked for help not saying the system is wrong

Couldn‘t find the Info That it will be Released Soon (probably next week). But Good to hear!