Brute force spending password

Please someone help me. I’m an idiot and I don’t have my seed phrases and I can’t remember my spending password. I have 21k Ada in my Daedalus wallet, I’m so fucking stupid :// please someone help

Are u sure u don’t have the seed words or u can’t find it?

I’m sure. I can just keep trying passwords, or will it lock me out? I have no excuses for how ignorant I was not writing the seed phrase down. I just am lost right now not sure what to do. I’m a total noob

You have unlimited tries. I was locked out of my wallet for over 2 years until I found a screenshot of my password Thursday.

I had the correct “password” in my head, but I forgot that I tried to be smart and wrote my “P@$$w0rd” all crazy like lol. Try that out. Good luck!

Thank you very much

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After 6 hours I finally got it! Thanks, it was my same password I don’t understand why it wasn’t working at first. Must of been something I was doing.

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pffffff lucky you hope this time you put it on paper and where you can find it both passwords,most powerfull its the 24words one learn that one from your head pin it down in your brains hahahaha…21k cardano’s isnt shit you know​:grin::grin::grin:
:v: for cardano

Sweet! Glad that everything worked out. 21k ADA is a lot of money. If you’re not staking it, you should find a reliable stake pool. There are many on here that can give you ~5% returns (~1,050ADA).