Cannot access my Deposit

Hi I have invested in Cardano ADAEUR a few weeks ago I bought it on Coinbase. It Was a new pair so I tried it.

After that I moved my Ada to a wallet made by the team called Daedalus Shelley.

I used one of those password generators for it.

But I lost access to the place where all these random passwords are stored.

I already contact Coinbase to change the password, but they said to contact the support from the wallet. So we’re I am looking for help.

If anyone knows anyway to solve this or help me in anyway I would be very grateful.

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Hi @Jaime_Peixoto,

Coinbase can’t help you.

When you created your daedalus wallet it gave you 24 words and asked you to write these down and also to confirm them. Do you have these?

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So, to understand better… u bought ADA on coinbase and u moved ADA to daedalus wallet?

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As @ADA4Good and @Alexd1985 said above, you need to have seed phrase (24 words) to be able restore your Daedalus wallet.

If you still have Daedalus installed in your computer, couldn’t you try to move the ADA using your spending password (this is another password that you create, when you create Daedalus wallet, to approve the transaction).


I lost the password I entered when I install that wallet. I Think it is the spending password

Yes send it to a wallet in daedalus a few weeks ago.

But it asks me for the spending password to transfer

if u don’t remember the spending password then u will need to restore the daedalus wallet with the 24 seed words… do u have the seed words?

I have all the passwords for coin base is it any of that?

you have the ADAs on daedalus right? on shelley wallet so u will need a 24 seed words for daedalus… which you got when u created the wallet in daedalus

I think he also lost this one also @Alexd1985

@Jaime_Peixoto : did you write 24 words in a piece of paper, when you create your Daedalus wallet? It is something like “car pencil robot ship … and so on”. If not then, we could not help you further (you lost both the 24 words + the spending password). No possible way to access your ADA if you lost both, especially the 24 words (seed phrase).

Coinbase will have nothing to do here, as they are an exchange (to buy/sell ADA). You created a hot wallet (in this case Daedalus wallet) and moved your ADA from exchange to the hot wallet. The responsibility is fully yours now (to save the seed phrase, spending password, to secure your wallet, etc.)

Your ADA is not lost, it’s still in the Cardano blockchain network. But in this case, you could not access it, if you lost the seed phrase. Spending password could be recovered if you have seed phrase.

No method will come with import or something?

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It is an option available

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But this method requires the password.
I hope when cardano gets to the govenerment stage and it’s fully adopted that everyone that can’t access their Ada will get it back

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Yes, it requires the spending password; as a wallet owner u need to bkp the seed words or the spending password