Any options without Daedalus spending PW or phrase?

First off, I know I’m an idiot, but somehow I dont have my Daedalus recovery phrase or spending password. Is there anything I can do to recover access or am I screwed? What I dont understand is I have a file with Daedalus stuff written on it…including a 24 word phrase but it keeps saying its invalid.


try 24 words on
use mnemonic option to restore the wallet.


I appreciate the reply , could you be more specific please. I am new to these platforms so Im sure exactly qhat steps to take. I appreciate your help and patience with me

Your best bet is that you get that seed phrase repaired somehow.

What @Alexd1985 meant was that you can test if the seed phrase works in some other wallet app (if it is a problem with your Daedalus and not with the seed phrase itself). You can also test it in any of the other wallet apps:

If the error in the seed phrase is small enough (and it really is the seed phrase of your wallet), chances are not that bad to correct it. Seed phrases are not arbitrary. There are just 2048 words from which they are chosen. And they have a checksum to check if the whole phrase is correct. If a wallet app says invalid, then either one of the words is not on the list or switched for another one accidentally also on the list, but resulting in a wrong checksum.

There are tools like to help searching for the correct one.

Well damn, I appreciate the advice guys, but I just had an aha moment and remembered where I wrote down my password and phrase. I guess next on my to do list is to get a safe lol. Thanks again