Daedalus only recognizes 7 words of my 24 words recovery phrase

I created a wallet in 2021 and want to recover it, i tried adalight as well but it doesnt work…I am sure i wrote them down correctly when i made the account.


Check for the words here:

a lot of my words are not in the list and im sure im not wrong because the number i wrote amounts to 24 and remember double checking before creating the account it’s not even a typo problem 17 words are not present, did cardano change there seed words after 2021?

Nope. It’s not even a Cardano-specific list, but the one every cryptocurrency has used for a decade:

I’m sure i was not mistaken because there are words that i didn’t even know existed on the piece of paper where i wrote the seed phrase down, they are not on the list…

Answer won’t change. Daedalus never used another word list.

I tracked it down in the source code. It’s currently at https://github.com/input-output-hk/daedalus/blob/develop/source/common/config/crypto/valid-words.en.ts. Before it was the exact same file at https://github.com/input-output-hk/daedalus/blob/545a9a4c5458f124ef94b21aacd6e36586aac474/source/common/config/crypto/valid-words.en.js since June 2020.

There is no possibility that Daedalus gave you words not from that list in 2021.

I have words like “ajar” or “sedan” in it do you know any other list that uses them ? sorry for the inconvenance…

The wordlist for https://github.com/satoshilabs/slips/blob/master/slip-0039.md at https://github.com/satoshilabs/slips/blob/master/slip-0039/wordlist.txt has “ajar”, but not “sedan”.

And it is only used for Shamir’s Secret-Sharing, where you get multiple seed phrases and can then restore with, for example, two of three of them. It’s an option on Trezor, but not that widely used.

And surely not if that was really a Daedalus wallet.

Did you create the wallet in Daedalus or some other wallet (maybe custodial) that uses a custom word list? If it’s a custodial one, you might only be able to open it their, if it’s just some scheme from that wallet itself instead of one you can use in multiple wallets.

What is your native language? Maybe you used a different wallet that showed words in your own language. You can look up the list in your language (BIP39) and replace your words by the English ones on the same position.

If you did use Daedalus, those words are not possible. You probably wrote them down wrong. Try replacing them by the words that most resemble them. If you don’t known one of them, you can also just try all 2048 possibilities. This will take a long time however. If you miss two or more words, this can’t be achieved manually anymore.

The last word is a checksum btw, so if you miss 1 or 2 (maybe also 3 or more) words, valid seed phrases can be brute forced with a script (and then you only have to check those). But be aware, if you walk down this road, you’re very likely to get scammed and lose your ADA if you don’t know what you’re doing! If you manage to recover with this method, immediately move all funds to a new wallet! I think there’re already tools that do this, they should be used offline is possible however!

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I don’t remember using any other wallet than yoroi and daedalus i first did it on yoroi and transered the funds to daedalus and recently deleted the app because i thought it was backed since i put the funds in a pool. I don’t think i misspeld the words because they are too precise and odd to be just mistakes and i didn’t know them all. All the words are in english.

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Probably not, because Yoroi uses a 15 word seed phrase, not a 24 words one.

This has nothing to do with the safety of your funds. You don’t put ADA in a pool, you delegate ADA to a pool. The ADA stays in your wallet at your own responsibility.

Yeah, I think you did… Because the words you’re saying aren’t possible. Or you used a fake wallet, but in that case funds will be lost anyway…

You didn’t write the words down from a hardware wallet by chance?


I know Yoroi is not 24 words, i was telling the process if maybe you noticed something i missed and how could i spell correctly words i don’t even know… HeptaSean hypothese makes more sense at the moment some of my words actually show up in his list.

I didnt have any usb key also.