Daedalus 2.1 Wallet Restore Phrase Invalid, But It's 100% Correct

The great news is I still have access to my wallet, but I wanted to test out the recovery phrase. I have it stored on paper, but I also have a screen capture of the phrase from when I first created the wallet.

However, when trying to verify the phrase, I always get “Invalid recovery phrase.” I’ve also installed Daedalus on another machine and tried, with the same invalid response.

I hope I’m just doing something slightly wrong, but I also feel this might be a bug. Any other ideas of what I might be doing wrong?

Are you sure you are typing it correclty? You have to type it like : word1 word2 word3 word4 etc…

and not one by one.

I agree incorrect entry seems the most likely explanation, but here’s how I do it, and I’m pretty sure this is really the best possible method! :smile:

For each word, type the first few letters slowly while watching for the correct word to appear in the list of suggestions, then immediately (no more typing) use the mouse to select it. This is good in two ways: Daedalus always accepts the correct phrase, and any keylogger is given the minimum info to work on.

Highly recommended! :grin:


I’m 100% positive I’m typing it correctly. As noted, I have a picture of the words from the installation. Furthermore, I’m selecting the words that are shown below, so there are no misspellings.

I’ve selected the words by clicking them, and by hitting the space bar to auto-complete. Lastly, I’ve triple checked each word before hitting submit.

Couple of other things: my ADA is staked in a pool, and I’m using Ubuntu, if it matters.

Are you also restoring the “correct” wallet type?

Or what kind of wallet do you try to restore?

Please explain this. The user is forced to select each word, one by one. It is not possible (At least in Daedalus 2.1) to type in a set of words together.

Thanks for your help and questions.

I created the wallet using Daedalus 2.0. The passphrase is the 24 word version, which means it is a Daedalus Shelley wallet. I’m presently using the newest Daedalus 2.1 software.

yeah i mean you have to type in one by one but without pushing enter after each word. I hope you get what i mean :smiley:

I have tried both selecting each word with the mouse, and hitting the space bar, which auto-completes and selects the word. Both produce the “Invalid recovery phrase”

Did you try to restore the wallet in Yoroi or Adalite?

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By the way i just tested myself to restore a new 24 word shelley wallet and i didnt had any problems to do so.

I’m trying the same now. As an aside, the new wallet requires you to retype the whole phrase. My old wallet (that I can’t restore) required the same, and it worked then. My point is: the passphrase is correct, and I’ve correctly done this before.

IMO you should probably submit a support request, but also I agree with Fabian, trying to recover the wallet in Yoroi and/or Adalite just to see what happens would be very worthwhile.

Ye you might want to submit a support request if you can’t even restore it via Adalite/Yoroi as @RobJF said.

Sorry i couldnt help you more :sleepy:

I very much appreciate you both trying. To be honest, I’m mostly afraid that I’ve found a bug that might impact others. I still have the wallet passphrase, and will move the funds out of staking at the next epoch.

I’ve submitted a help ticket request to IOHK, and will let you all know the results.

I was able to successfully restore a brand new wallet created with D 2.1. I’m now installing on Windows 10 to see if that migration works.

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Phrase showing as invalid is not a bug - its a human error. The validity of phrase is based on BIP39 wordlist.

While every time someone gets it thinks he has right phrase , they eventually find out they accidentally switched the order or wrote it on paper a while ago and while reading they’re now typing words that look similar , but slightly different (eg: derive vs drive)

For your confirmation, You can check your phrase independent of Daedalus in https://adalite.io or https://iancoleman.io/bip39/ (be careful to only.use these sites - not ones that look similar) to prove to yourself that the words are an issue - as acceptance is usually the first step of actually starting to troubleshoot which word could be slightly off.

It turns out you were completely right. One of the words was a letter off. Completely user error on my part.

Thanks for everyone’s help.