Daedalus wallet , cant restore my wallet

i am trying to restore my wallet, but it tells me my phrase is invalid as soon as i enter a single letter
i am not sure if i have my wallet name correct tho, i may have mis spelt what i named it in the first place, i only have approx $100 dollars in it in ADA and guess i have lost that , which is a pain but it could have been worse,
So is there anyway of retrieving my wallet name ?, i know my Recovery phrase is correct as i screen captured it and saved the image on a usb drive and deleted the original image of the imac

Any help appreciated

Make sure to write all words correctly; when you type all them correctly it won’t show as incorrect.

Thanks for your reply, but as soon as i type the First letter of the First word it tells me its incorrect so first word would be for example …donkey i type letter d and it error messages me immediatly which leads me to believe i have the name of the wallet wrong i think i called it CARDONA but i may have spelt it CARDANO or Cardana etc or one of those combinations with caps or different spelling this is where i think the error is maybe with the spelling of the Wallet Name ?

The name of the wallet doesn’t matter, you can call it a different name when restoring. Only the 12 words does matter. When you start typing the words it always will show as incorrect, it only shows as correct in the end if you write down all 12 words without error. Try it again with patience, type all 12 words correctly and then try to recover your wallet.

Thank You all restored now and all my ADA showing, i guess i was miss typing the phrase
Have a good new year

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Happy to know! Happy New Year! :smiley:

I really dislike how they not verified wether the recovery phase was entered correct or not BEFORE syncing the network, only to realize hours later the phase was incorrect :frowning:

Ich habe das gleiche Problem aber es funktioniert nicht sobald ich einen Buchstaben eingebe kommt eine Fehlermeldung

I did not write down the 12 words, do you think there is a solution to this?

Se você não guardou as 12 palavras, não tem como recuperar sua carteira… =/
If you didn’t write down the 12 words, you can’t recover your wallet… =/

Which method is quicker? Restoring the wallet after a new install or creating a new one; both with the passphrase? Or do they both need time? Momentarily it looks like my client is frozen. And why does it take so long? Does it need multiple confirmations from specific number of nodes that the wallet exists or does the retrieval from the blockchain take so long or does it need to synchronize the transactions till date associated with that wallet? Just curious? Since I would otherwise assume; the confirmation and the wallet update should occur quite quickly; if the wallet is genuine and exists on the blockchain.
BTW, just my tupennce! In the spirit that DLT’s implicitly do incorporate; the first preference for a wallet; should be an open source OS and secondarily the propriety ones. It is shame that you do not have so far a linux version. I however do understand the work and the difficulties it would involve; but you can bet it will bear fruits; as it will usher in even more creative and enthusiastic members from the open source community and perhaps significantly more active nodes.

I have the same problem here - I can’t recover the wallet - it says that the phrase is incorrect. I’m it is correct. Why is that? :slight_smile:

Not sure but I guess it might be case sensitive? My phrase is all lower case and I guess your’s will be too.

… I have written down the 12-word phrase twice to make sure I have all right … Now my Ada is these, but I don’t have access to my wallet despite the fact that the phrase is correct. I have old files, so I’m trying to get back to the situation with ‘connecting to the network’ problem.

Danke. Funktioniert wieder

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Ich musste die blockchain neu installieren

You mean resync?

Appdata… Roaming… Daedalus… DB1.0 LÖSCHEN. Uhrzeit automatisch synchronisieren lassen. … Und deadalus normal starten

Falls das nicht klappt app Data… Roaming… secrets .1.0…und wallet.1.0…Speicher auf einem stick.
Und denn Rest vollständig löschen

Neu installieren… Und vom stick secrets 1.0. Und wallet 1.0. Bevor er synchronisiert einfügen. Ins roaming…